Choti Sarrdarrni 25th July 2020 Written Update: Param is dissatisfied with Meher’s lunch

Choti Sarrdarrni 25th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Param calling out for Meher to tie cloth(Patka) over his head. Harleen comes and tells him she will do it as his Meher mumma don’t have time , with new baby. Meher tells her she will do it like always. Param hugs Meher happily and Harleen leaves in a huff. Meher was about to tie cloth when baby starts crying. Meher cleverly handles it as she pretends to hear baby asking her to tie cloth to his palam brother first. Param says that baby was crying. Meher takes the baby in her hands trying to divert him at the same time tying his cloth. Sister Lalitha mixes medicine in Malai kofta. Seeing Meher coming suddenly, Sister Lalitha drop the medicine and it falls down. Meher asks what is in the bottle and is it a medicine. Sister lies saying its her brand of green tea that she always drinks. Meher packs lunch for Param while Lalitha cleans up the floor.

Param asks if his lunch is ready. Meher happily tells him she made paratha and malai kofta for lunch and Param insist he wants only samosa. Meher tells him oily food isn’t good for him and that he would only eat her homemade healthy food. She keeps lunch box in his bag and Param leaves Upset. Harleen stops Param as he was about to get in car and gives him 500rs to buy and eat Samosas and also buy for his friends. She further tells him to always ask her if he wants anything. Param refuse as his Meher mumma tells him its bad to carry money to school and his parents will buy whatever he wants. Inspite of Harleen trying to tempt him with money, Param refuse and leaves for school. Harleen is annoyed.

Yuvi talks disrespectfully to Amrita and refuse to take Bindi for lunch. He demands money to eat samosa in school. Jeeto tells him that no outside food is allowed in this house and asks if any of them even eat it. Yuvi brings pizza boxes and says that its proof of eating from outside and continues to speak disrespectfully. Amrita hears Rana ordering pizza for Ginny outside their room and takes the phone from. She tells pizza guy to cancel order and tells Rana no outside food is allowed here. Rana confirms order. Amrita tells Rana that she will make whatever Ginny wants to eat at hime and says that due to him, Yuvi is having bad influence and demands to eat outside food. Ginny comes and yells who is barking at her doorstep and disturbing her sleep. Amrita warns Rana to ask Ginny to give her respect. Ginny yells at her again and tells her she will eat whatever she wants and noone can stop her. She further tells Amrita to control her son instead trying to control what she should eat. She goes inside closing door with a bang.

Sarab makes the baby sleep. Meher comes there and soon they start their usual nok jhok. They stop laughing when baby wakes up crying hearing them. Meher calms him down while Sarab brings tea for her. Meher tells him she felt bad for last night for leaving Param to sleep on floor. Sarab console her saying it wasn’t her mistake as she was tired and slept. Meher tells him to get a cradle to attach to bed and from tonight both her kids will sleep to get left and right. Sarab agrees. Meger remembers Param wish to eat samosa and feels sad thinking if he even had her lunch.

Lalitha calls Aditi and tells her medicine fell by accident but she has successfully mixed first dose in Param’s food. She begs Aditi to give her one more chance. Aditi is upset but agrees to buy medicine again. Bheem asks Aditi what is that medicine and why its important to give to Param. Aditi smirks saying its to weaken memory power and soon the brain development will also stop. At school Yuvi asks Param to give him bite from his lunch box during PT period as he was hungry. Param says he can eat fully. Yuvi takes a bite but teacher comes there and catches him eating during pt period. She makes him spit his food into dustbin and gives punishment. Recess time comes and Yuvi starts eating samosa while Param looks at it cravingly. Yuvi asks him to throw his food in dustbin and eat paratha with samosa. Param tells him that his mother has always told him not to waste food. He takes his lunch and us about to eat. Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab calls Meher while she was in car and tells her he is getting bad smell. Meher says maybe baby did potty. Sarab cleans and changes diaper. Harleen shouts at Lalitha for being on phone while his brother to cleaning potty. Meher tells her that Sarab wanted to do it himself. Lalitha says yes he wanted to take care of every little thing for his baby. Harleen says her brother is not father then stops.