Choti Sarrdarrni 25th September 2020 Written Update: Will Kulwant be caught?

Choti Sarrdarrni 25th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Manav following Meher’s car and thinking why Meher married Sarab. Meher is remembering the kids. Sarab at airport thinks he will have to save Meher as she has done so much for me and my family. Manav blows horn so that Meher looks at him.

Here, Kulwant, Bittu and Rana are heading towards Gill mansion as Kulwant says after Manav’s memory returns he will go to meet Meher. On their way they cross path with Manav. So they take a U turn and start following Manav.

Meher’s car stops as it has some issues. The driver goes to check. Manav gets off from his car and moves towards Meher. He goes into past memories and when he looks around Meher is already gone in her car. Manav tries to chase but fails.

Here Kulwant says I will kill Manav today. She goes with a rod and goes behind Manav from back.

At Gill Mansion Bobby comes to Harleen and tells her that Karan is crying. Harleen rushes to Karan and sees that Karan has high fever. Bobby calls the doctor. Harleen gets a call from Mr. Malhotra, lawyer of Meher. He informs Harleen that he couldn’t reach Meher and Sarab and he wanted to know if their flight is not much delayed. Harleen asks him what will happen if it’s delayed. He says Meher cam go to jail for 10 years. Harleen and Bobby are shocked and are tensed for Karan as he is still a baby. Bobby asks Harleen to be extra careful as she took Karan’s responsibility.

At airport, Sarab is consoling a sad Meher who is still worried for the kids. Sarab asks her to remember the kids from her heart like she told the kids. Meher feels reassured by Sarab.

At road, Kulwant is about to hit Manav with a rod but is stopped by Vikram’s dad. He and Manav locks Bittu, Rane and Kulwant in the car. They worry. Vikram’s dad calls police and files a complaint. Manav informs that he is going for some work but is stopped then he gets irritated and screams that he is not Vikram, I am Manav Sharna. Vikram’s dad say I know that,I know you are not my son. Manav is shocked.

At airprort, Meher and Sarab think how Param has grown so much over the years. They also discuss how Karan is so young to be alone. They decide to video call home to see the kids. But, there is no signal and then boarding announcement for their flight is done. So they go to board the flight.

At Gill mansion, Doctor asks to give Karan medicines and take proper care and if fever continues then a blood test have to be done tomorrow. Doctor leaves. Bobby tells Harleen that he has an idea.

At road, Bittu and Rane are trying a way out of car, while Kulwant is figuring out what Manav and Vikram’s dad are talking. She is shocked as Vikram’s dad bend down to touch Manav’s feet. Bittu finally figures out a way to go out. All three of them leave but police arrives and stops them. Police asks what have they done. Manav comes, look at their eyes and figures out their real identity. Manav informs police that they have committed murder.

Episode ends.

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