Choti Sarrdarrni 26th September 2020 Written Update: Kulwant will be arrested?

Choti Sarrdarrni 26th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Manav telling Police officers that Kulwant, Bittu, and Rane have committed the murder of law by breaking traffic rules. To this, all three are shocked. Police let’s them go with a warning. Surya Pratap Deewan gets a call from Aditi who is worried about Vikram who is nowhere to be found. Surya Pratap assures her that he is okay they just came for a meeting and had to keep it confidential.

On their way, Bittu and Rana think that Vikram is not Manav otherwise he wouldn’t have let them go. Kulwant is in deep thoughts. When asked she says that we tried taking his life and he saved us which means he is aiming at something which is more important than his life.

At Gill mansion, Harleen pretends to be sick and had called Amrita and her husband to make them take care of Karan. Harleen asks for forgiveness as she doesn’t want Karan to get her infection. Amrita says it’s fine they understand. They leave with Karan and medicines just then Amrita says should we take Param too as he would miss Karan.

Harleen says no, it will be extra burden for you, I will manage Param. Amrita and her husband leave. Just then Harleen gives hi five to Robby for his amazing plan, now they don’t have to handle Karan. This is heard by Amrita’s Husband. Just then Amrita calls out Harleen and comes to take her phone.

At Dubai airport, Sarab and Meher reach for their layover. Sarab thinks of drinking some black coffee while Meher is happy to see the network on her phone. Then she receives a medicine list from a chemist as her and Harleen’s number is merged by the chemist they bring medicine from. Meher panics and thinks who needed medicine at this late night. They decide to call Harleen.

Harleen pretends as the medicine was for her and the kids are asleep. Amrita moves away from the video camera so that Meher doesn’t see her. After the call Harleen assures Amrita that she will make Sarab and Meher understand once they are in a better situation.

After that Amrita and her husband go with Karan. Amrita’s husband remembers a past moment with Meher when she requested him to take care of her kids as Harleen is fond of Param but not of Karan. Then they drive off. Here, Kulwant is analyzing what happened there with Manav.

She calculates the months of Manav’s disappearance and then says why did a parent touches his kid’s feet while remembering how Suryapratap bent down in front of Manav. The trio thinks to find it out.

At Deewan house, Vicky and Suryapratap return. Vicky’s mother hugs him and says don’t go like this anywhere her life depends on him. They share a light moment. Aditi tries to talk to Vikram is unable to.

At airport, Meher worries about Sarab’s shoulder pain due to flight journey. Sarab says you are worried for this small pain, I can’t think how much Aditi must be worried for Vikram. At Deewan house, Aditi enters the room and sees Vikram asleep on his mother’s lap. His mother makes him sleep on a pillow and goes.

Aditi is about to go near Vikram but her phone rings and it’s a video call by Meher. Meher asks Aditi how are you and Vikram? Aditi answers we are better. Aditi asks Meher, how are you? Hearing the name Meher, Manav gets restless and wakes up. He takes the phone from Aditi and says How are you Meher? To this, Aditi, Meher and Sarab are shocked.

Episode ends.

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