Choti Sarrdarrni 27th July 2020 Written Update: Meher eats the spiked food

Choti Sarrdarrni 27th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Param regretting not having samosa. Yuvi asks him to throw away the subzi but Param is about to eat his malai kofta. Meher stops him and gives samosa saying its healthy and made with olive oil. Param hugs Meher saying he didn’t have the mood to eat malai kofta today and calls her best mumma. Yuvi says even he had no mood to eat lady’s finger. Meher asks that his lunch box is already empty. Yuvi says happily that he threw it in dustbin. Meher admonish him about his behavior and says there are people who don’t even have roti to eat. She tells them never to waste food and its equal to sin. They both apologise to Meher. Kulwant, Amrita and Jeeto are making pickles.

Kulwant aks Jeeto to tell Ginny to bring onions. Jeeto tells Kulwant that Ginny is still sleeping and usually wakes up at 1pm or 2pm. Kulwant is shocked. Amrita tells her that Ginny is buying Pizza and burger from outside and Yuvi is getting disrespectful because of them. Jeeto tells Kulwant that she also spoke badly to Amrita in the morning. Kulwant gets angry and calls Pizza shop. She warns and threaten them not to send pizzas if Ginny or Rana calls. Kulwant decides to teach her a lesson. Jeeto reminds her that Rana is always siding with Ginny and will never hear a word against her. Kulwant plans to send Rana out.

Rana raps a song about making food for his wife. Jeeto tells him to buy medicine for Kulwant. She manage to send Rana away and smiles. Sarab calls Meher and she tells him that she will be there in ten mins as she came to school to give samosas for Param. Sarab asks her what is the need to go herself and why didn’t she send it through driver. He further asks if she had taken her medicines. Meher tells him not yet. Sarab asks her to eat first as its after food. Meher opens Param tiffin and says maybe this malai kofta has her name written on it.

Sarab smells something and Meher asks him to check if baby has done potty. Sarab opens diaper and tells her that he has. Meher asks him to clear his throat and shout Lalithaji. Sarab refuses and tells her he will do it himself. He cleans baby and changes it as per Meher’s instructions. Harleen scold Lalitha for not doing her job and that her brother is changing diapers inspite of having so much work. Meher comes there and tells her that Sarab insisted on changing it himself. Lalitha tells Harleen that yes these days the fathers like to do all these things for their babies. Harleen says he is not father then stops. Lalitha leaves and Harleen leaves in a huff.

Sarab plays with baby. Sarab asks Meher if she has eaten anything. Meher tells him that yes she had eaten Param’s malai kofta. Lalitha hears it and gets shocked. Harleen looks at Lalitha looking nervous. Harleen later tells Robby that something is really fishy with Lalitha. Robby says they have to find out what is her motive. Harleen vows not to let any danger come near his brother or Param.

Ginny wakes up and calls Out to Rana to get her tea. She then takes her phone to call pizza and wonder why they aren’t picking her calls. She comes out and sees Amrita giving Kulwant head massage while Jeeto sitting with her. Ginny says she is hungry but they all ignore her. Jeeto finally tells her they are busy and to get food by herself. Ginny finds all vessels empty and glares at them. A lady comes with sweet box saying her daughter’s marriage is fixed. Ginny takes the sweet box and goes inside after smirking at Kulwant and others. They look at her in dismay.

Lalitha calls Aditi but Bheem singh answers as Aditi is in operation theater. Lalitha tells him about Meher eating the food. Bheem tells her its her fault and it might ruin Madam’s mission if something happens to Meher. Lalitha says Madamji mission wont fail and disconnects. Robby hears it and wonder who madamji is and what is the mission.

Sarab records in his digital camera as Param is talking fondly with the baby. Param asks what is baby’s name and Sarab replies he don’t know yet. He tells him they should ask his Meher mumma and they leave to find  her. Lalitha sits with baby when Aditi calls asking her how Meher is. Lalitha tells her she is with baby and Aditi gets tensed asking does she even know how serious it is. As Meher is taking medicines after surgery this could cause side effects resulting in paralysis or even death. She asks Lalitha to be with Meher immediately and asks Bheem singh to start the car.

Sarab is shocked to see Meher lying on the floor unconscious. Harleen, Robby too come there and tries to wake Meher who isn’t responding. Robby tries to call doctor but he was busy in conference. Sarab is distressed. Episode Ends.

Precap – Sarab calls Aditi and tells her Meher is unconscious and her hands are cold. She asks him to give phone to Lalitha. He puts it on speaker and Aditi shouts that all this happened because of her irresponsible behavior. Harleen, Sarab and Robby looks at Lalitha shocked.