Choti Sarrdarrni 28th April 2020 Written Update: Meher gets into an argument with Kulwant Kaur

Choti Sarrdarrni 28th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kulwant telling Amrita that she is not just a sister in law to Meher but also like a friend. Kulwant says that she has full confidence in her that she will make Meher agree for marriage. Meher comes there and asks how can they fix her alliance without even asking for her wish. She looks at Yuvi and says its good Yuvi told her. She is shocked that they had gone to their house to fix her marriage and dint think to discuss with her. Jagga looks down guiltily. Kulwant tells Meher that Sarabjit is a good guy and being her mother she knows what is good for her kids. Meher looks disturbed and refuses to marry.

Kulwant asks if Meher she wants to tell her something and angrily asks if there is anyone. Meher gets nervous and says she wants to talk to her about something. Amrita remembers the guy she saw at temple and immediately shouts at Meher for talking back to elders. She orders Meher to go back to her room. Meher hesitates but Amrita remain stern and asks her to leave. Meher runs inside.

Meher starts crying as she tries to call Sharma Dhabba. Since there is no one there is no answer. Meher cries why Manav do not have a phone. Amrita comes there and asks if she is trying to call that guy. Meher feigns as if she do not understand and asks which guy. Amrita says the guy she was with at the flag temple and tells her its good she pretended to have slipped else their entire family would have seen them both. Meher gets shocked.

Amrita asks Meher how can she lie to her all this while as she had always shared everything with her. Meher guiltily tells her she was waiting for right time.  Amrita asks when and if she has any idea what is happening around her. She tells Meher that time and opportunity both is lost now. Meher hesitatingly tells Amrita that Manav works in a Dhabba. Amrita looks devastated and sits on the bed silently crying.

Meher keeps her head on her lap and asks for her help. She tells Amrita that Manav is very intelligent and has a doctorate. She further tells her that he is waiting to give UPSC interview. Amrita sadly tells her she cant help her. Meher begs for her help. Amrita tells her to ask Manav to come and meet Kulwant tomorrow before things get out of hand as Kulwant is on the verge of finalizing alliance. Meher agrees tearfully.

Sarab finds Param asleep on the floor holding onto the glued photo of Meher. Sarab takes it from his hand and gently lifts him placing him on the bed. He lie down next to him holding Param close. The next morning Meher tries to sneaks out of the house but Kulwant sees her and asks her where is she off to so early in the morning. Meher gets nervous.

Kulwant laughs and says isn’t she going to Gurudwara to pray. Meher smiles and says yes. Amrita nods at her. Kulwant tells Meher to pray Babaji to give her some sense. Meher goes hurriedly. She reaches Sharma house to see Manav taking blessings from Sharma. They see Meher. Sharma says he knew she would come and asks her to feed Curd with sugar to Manav for good shagun. Meher feeds him smilingly.

Manav looks at her worried face and asks if something is wrong. Meher lies saying nothing. Manav asks her to drop him in her jeep. Meher keeps silent throughout ride. She drops him at the bus stop. She asks him to do well in the interview and come soon. Manav tells her he would be back in two days but she speaks as if he is going away forever. Meher tries to smile. Manav hugs her and boards the bus waving at her. Meher waves back tearfully.

Meher reaches home and finds it full of people and in festive mode. The house is decorated and surrounded by people. Amrita takes Meher aside and asks when Manav is coming to meet Kulwant. Meher tells her that she couldn’t tell him. Amrita gets upset. Meher tells her it is his interview today and if she tells him he will get worried and wouldn’t be able to do well. This interview is his life. Amrita yells at her asking what about her life.

Meher says they will wait until Manav comes back. Amrita asks if she thinks Kulwant will wait until she decides and asks her to look around herself as Kulwant has already announced the entire pind that her alliance is fixed. She leaves upset. Meher gets worried. Her friends surround her and asks about her soon to be groom. Meher gets irritated and shouts that there will be no wedding and leaves inside. Kulwant looks at her frowning. Episode Ends.