Choti Sarrdarrni 29th April 2020 Written Update: Meher is Pregnant

Choti Sarrdarrni 29th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Jagga asking Kulwant what she is doing and why has she announced to the entire pind about fixing Meher’s marriage without even Meher’s permission. Kulwant says nothing is more stronger than the fear of society and shame. She tells Jagga that she announced the pind because Meher will be compelled to say yes for fear of society.

Meher comes there and says she will never agree to marry. She tells Kulwant that she neither fears society nor ashamed. She only fears God and swears on God that she will never marry Sarabjit. Kulwant gets angry and strictly tells her that from now on she will not step out of the house and if at all she step out it will be in Sarabjit house sitting in doli.

 Meher gets worried. She goes to her room and requests Amrita to help her talk to Sarabjit as Kulwant has stopped her from going outside she is unable to meet Sarabjit and talk to him. Amrita goes to her room and starts taking Yuvi’s toys. Yuvi asks her where is she taking her toys. Amrita tells him now that he isn’t talking to his grandma she has asked to distribute all his toys to local children.

Yuvi shouts no. Amrita asks him to talk to Kulwant. yuvi refuses and she tells him that Kulwant has downloaded a new game and if he talks to her she will let him play on her phone. Yuvi immediately gets happy and goes outside.

Kulwant is sitting among the women singing and dancing. Yuvi goes to her and asks why is she sending his toys to other children. Kulwant looks over at Amrita and understands. She says she wont do it if he talks to her. Yuvi hugs her and then asks for her phone.

 Kulwant gives it and unlocks it. Amrita thinks now she can take Sarabjit mobile number. At Gill mansion Param serves Paratha with his hand to Harleen, Robby and Sarab at the dining table saying ‘Paratha Wai Guruji’. Harleen is impressed and asks who taught him this. Param smiles at her saying his mummy.

Harleen smiles and looks at Robby saying that he was complaining so much about Meher’s family now see what Meher has taught Param. Robby says they have to wait and see. He comments that yesterday Kulwant did all drama and cried to impress them and he is sure her daughter will have same talent and did all this to impress Sarab and Param.

 Sarab just looks at Robby. Harleen tells him nothing like that and Meher is a good girl. Sarab tells her not to get her hopes high as Meher is yet to accept the proposal.

Amrita gives the number to Meher asking her to call Sarabjit. Meher dials his number. Sarab is in a party meeting and Tharkash looks at the unknown number and disconnects. He tells Sarab that it would be some bank people pestering for loan.

Meher tells Amrita that he disconnected. Amrita asks her to dial again. This time Tharkash picks it up and says Sarab is busy and he cant talk right now. Sarab asks Tharkash to give the phone. But when Sarab said hello Meher starts to feel uneasy and runs to washroom and vomits. Sarab looks at the phone and says there was no one talking. Amrita gives water to Meher and asks how come she is vomiting as she hasn’t had any outside food. Meher says she don’t know she suddenly felt dizzy and sick. Amrita frowns and asks if there is more going between Manav and her. Meher denies nothing else she and Manav love eachother. Amrita asks if she is pregnant.

Meher looks worried and says she don’t know. Amrita is shocked and tell her that her answer is supposed to be no and gets panicked thinking about consequences. She slaps Meher and leaves angrily. Meher looks at Manav picture on her phone and cries.

Amrita buys a pregnancy kit from a pharmacy. The lady congratulates Amrita in advance and says Yuvi will have beautiful sister. Amrita quickly comes home. Yuvi sees a cover in Amrita hands and asks her to give the chocolates. Amrita tells him its not chocolate but Yuvi pulls the cover making it fall on the floor. Kulwant sees it and comes to her.

Yuvi runs away asking sorry. Kulwant looks down at the medicines and asked why did she buy medicines. Amrita lies she had headache and hence went to buy medicines. She hides pregnancy kit in her dupatta. Kulwant asks Amrita to talk some sense into Meher and says she will always obey her words. Amrita tells her that she only prays that Meher should get all happiness in life. Kulwant asks her to get Meher ready and bring her down.

Amrita hurriedly goes to Meher and gives the kit. Meher comes out of the washroom and cries silently. Amrita takes the kit from her hand and shockingly announce to Meher that she is indeed preganant. She screams at Meher about running Kulwant and her brother’s reputation. She cries wondering what will happen and their reputation is completely ruined.

 Meher tells Amrita that her love for Manav is pure. Amrita shouts at her what is pure about and how will they face people now. Meher tells Amrita that their vows and promise to eachother in front of Lohri night is pure and their love is true. Amrita thinks about the lohri day and sits down in shock. She tells Meher that she proved the people who locks their girls at home right. This is what happens when women are given freedom.

 Meher keeps repeating her love is pure. Amrita asks Meher to call Manav right away. Meher cries and tells her he don’t have phone. Amrita yells at her that he don’t even have a phone and asks Meher what will happen if Kulwant get to know she is pregnant. The kit falls down and Kulwant step inside the room seeing it. Episode Ends.