Choti Sarrdarrni 29th July 2020 Written Update: Harleen poisons Param’s mind

Choti Sarrdarrni 29th July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Lalitha talking to someone saying Okay Akka and vanakkam. Harleen hears it and asks what is her full name. Lalitha says Lalitha sharma. Robby asks Sharma then why was she talking in south Indian language. Meher comes there asking Lalitha to join for dinner. Lalitha tells her she will have later but Meher insists they will all eat together. She leaves after calling Harleen and Robby to come for dinner. Lalitha tells Harleen that her name is Lalitha Subramanian but after marriage her surname changed to Sharma. She leaves. At the dining table Harleen asks Meher to eat properly as she became unconscious in the morning. Meher says she is fine now. Sarab tells Harleen that they have invited Aditi for the naamkaaran. Harleen tells him that he is gathering crowd during this lockdown time. Sarab tells her that only Aditi is invited not even Meher’s family but they will go to Attari after Naamkaaran to take Kulwant’s blessings. Sarab tells Harleen that Partyji will come at 10am and she should name the baby. Harleen annoyingly tells him not to involve her in all this and she wont do it. Param asks Sarab who kept his name and Sarab says Harleen bua. Param asks Harleen why she isn’t naming chota baby as she is his bua too. Sarab asks him not to talk while eating. Param sulks saying Sarab is scolding him a lot these days.

Aditi is looking at a board full of pictures of Sarab’s family with small chits written under each name. After hearing footsteps, Aditi quickly closes door and scolds Bheem not to enter this room. Bheem says that he wasn’t going to enter and tells her that Lalitha had called and thinks that Harleen knows the baby isn’t Sarab’s as she had refused to name the baby. Aditi starts thinking.

Robby places a doll in dustbin while Param comes searching for Khushi. He finds the doll and asks about it. Harleen tell him that Khushi threw away her old doll when she got a new one. Robby tells her its nothing wrong as people get bored with old things when they get new ones. Robby tells Param, just like how his parents got bored with him after little baby came. Param yells at him saying he is wrong and his parents love him. Harleen asks when was the last time he got gifts from his parents. Param thinks and says only New baby got cradle and toys not him. Harleen tells him they forgot him and from now on she will get him loads of toys. Param gets sad and leaves while Harleen and Robby smirk at each other.

Meher talks to Sarab in the corridor that sibling rivalry is quite common and they should not let Param feel that they aren’t giving him enough attention. Sarab says he thought of getting cradle for him as well but thought he has grown up. Meher says it doesn’t matter and from now on whatever they buy , they have to buy for both their kids. Sarab agrees saying her wish is his command. Something falls in Meher’s eyes while Sarab helps her. He moves her hair to the side and recites a shayari. Meher teases him. They share a playful moment.

Param shouts at the baby that he acted while he didn’t even touch him. He looks at all toys and says new baby got all toys while he has all old ones. He starts throwing around his toys crying and yelling he wants new toys. Baby start crying and Param asks if he is trying to say sorry. Baby continues to cry and Param says he can’t understand and asks him to smile if he is trying to ask sorry. Baby smiles. Param wipes his tears and tells baby he forgives him and that he can sleep in bed between Meher mumma and papa and he will sleep on the side. Param says I love you to baby and lifts him to keep him on bed. His feet lands on a roller skate and Param slips and falls down. Baby is up in the air. Sarab and Meher scream Param’s name. Baby lands on big teddy bear with a thud and starts crying. Meher is shocked. Sarab lifts baby while Meher tries to console Param all the while looking at the baby.

Harleen and Robby asks what happened and Sarab tells them Param dropped baby. He asks Lalitha to check if baby is fine. He scolds Param why he took the baby from cradle. Param tearfully tells him that baby wanted to sleep on the bed. He asks him to shut up and scold that he is becoming brash day by day. When Param speaks up again Sarab says he will slap him if he talks again. Meher asks Sarab how can he talk to Param like that. She asks Param to say sorry to Sarab as mistake was his. Harleen shouts that Param will not say sorry and yell at Sarab for talking to Param that way. Param throws a fit calling Sarab is bad and says even Meher was looking only at baby while he was also hurt. He runs to Harleen and cries that he will sleep with her as his parents are really bad.

Meher is stunned. Harleen takes Param away. Sarab stops Meher from going after Param saying he will be alright soon and says that he is becoming too adamant these days. Harleen consoles Param all the while telling him that its all because of baby’s fault that his parents are scolding him so badly. Robby too instigates against baby. Harleen tells Param that his parents are only focused on baby and they don’t love him anymore. She asks him to promise never to talk to the baby or play with him ever again. Param promises and says he loves his bua. Harleen hugs him.

Precap – Meher and Sarab comes to take Param with them but Param refuses to go with them and says he will never to the baby ever again. He goes to the room and shuts the door. Meher and Sarab knocks the door and Param yells at them to get out.