Choti Sarrdarrni 30th April 2020 Written Update: Jagga and Kulwant angry with Meher after learning about her Pregnancy!

The episode begins with Kulwant coming inside the room while Meher nervously steps back. Kulwant is about to raise her hand on Meher when Jagga comes inside the room and asks what happened. Kulwant angrily tells him to celebrate as he is going to become a Mama. Jagga gets angry on Meher and is about to raise his hand on her. Kulwant stop him and tells him to give her more freedom. She turns to Amrita as she was the one who told her to give Meher time to think as Sarabjit has a five year old son. She yells at Amrita and says atleast Sarabjit has a child after marriage unlike Meher who got pregnant before marriage.

Meher cries and says sorry. Kulwant keeps an angry hand at Meher’s stomach and asks whose sin is she carrying. Meher says its no sin as She and Manav truly love eachother and even got married. Jagga looks in shock while Meher explains taking vow and phere with Manav in front of Lohri fire. Kulwant asks what does Manav do other than getting Innocent girls preganant. Meher tearfully says he is going to become an IAS officer. Kulwant asks if he would accept the child and marry her.

Meher says he sure will as they love each other. Kulwant asks her to introduce him to her. Jagga angrily says he want to meet him to too and swears he will break all his bones for doing such a disgusting thing to his sister. Kulwant calms him and warns that no one from outside should hear about this. Meher hugs Kulwant and cries falling at her feet. Kulwant takes her hand and goes downstairs where the festivities are. She asks everyone to dance as her daughter is getting married. Kulwant hides her tears and worries and dances grudgingly looking at Meher all the while.

Amrita comes to Meher’s room and asks why is she sitting in darkness. Meher tells her she dint see the time. Amrita console her not to worry as everything will be alright. She asks her to come and have dinner with everyone. Meher tells her she don’t have the guts to face her family. Amrita says agreed she made a huge mistake and the family is very angry at her now but with time things will be normal. Meher says she has not done any mistake and her love for Manav is true. Amrita asks if Manav would accept this child.

Meher says he could give his life for her. Amrita then tells her to trust her family too like she trusts her Manav. She brings her down. Kulwant looks at her and asks her to sit and eat. Jagga gets up angrily and leaves inside without eating. Bittu and Rana are angry with Meher for ruining their family name. Kulwant asks them to shut up else she will give a slap. They too get up and leave angrily. Meher tries to eat but is upset thinking about her family reactions.

Meher goes back to her room and looking at her father’s picture she cries. She wishes for him to be alive as he would be happy to see Manav. She cries thinking he would have protected and managed her family from talking ill about her. She cries that she had commited no sin or mistake. She falls asleep on floor hugging her father’s photo. Kulwant comes to her room the next day and looks at the mess. Meher wakes up.

Kulwant sits beside her and says Girls and Kite are same as they always need to in control of someone. If we let go it will fly off. She asks Meher when is Manav coming back. Meher tells her that today afternoon. Kulwant asks her to tell Manav to meet her once she confirms the time. Meher tells her that she will meet Manav in bus stand and inform him. Kulwant frowns and asks her to just call him on his phone.

Meher hesitatingly tells her that Manav do not have a phone. Kulwant is shocked but says its ok and that one of their servants who used to clean drainage as a latest expensive phone. She tells Meher to inform after she confirm the time. Meher lies down on her lap and thanks her. Kulwant says in the end she is a mother who only wish for her daughter’s happiness. Episode ends.