Choti Sarrdarrni 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Vikram reveals Sarab’s truth to Meher

Choti Sarrdarrni 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vikram tells Sarab to video call him because he wants to talk to him something important. Sarab video calls Meher and asks why Vikram asked him to video call him. Meher says she doesn’t know. Sarab tells Meher to turn the camera towards Vikram.

Vikram fills the plate with food and sits in front of Aditi. He says she was fasting for him full day and he can’t ignore her saying he is busy with his work and starts to feed her. Sarab gets happy seeing that. Vikram’s mother says this is not enough. He says he will cancel all his meetings tomorrow and will spend time with her.

Sarab asks did he really going to do that or just joking. Vikram asks Meher to tell what she thinks about him. He says he also need support to become good husband and good father. Sarab asks why he is irritating Meher. Vikram says she was irritating him till now if he doesn’t believe him then he can ask Meher. Meher says he is joking. Sarab says he knows that and disconnects the call after telling them to enjoy.

Meher moves from there. Vikram follows Meher and asks how was his acting. She stays silent. He asks why she is not saying anything when this is what she wanted from him. He says he will become good husband for Aditi and won’t come between her and Sarab too but in return he just wants Karan. She says her answer won’t change that Karan is her and Sarab’s son.

He says if he doesn’t get his Karan then he won’t act in front of Aditi and will snatch his son from her. Aditi calls Vikram and feeds him. Meher thinks no one can snatch Karan from her and moves towards her room and gets emotional hugging Karan. Param was playing with the toy. Meher asks who brought this toy.

Param says Vikram brought this for him. She tells him to throw that toy and says he should play with the ones his parents brought for him. Param leaves from there. Gulwant comes to Meher and says she already told her to not give birth to this child and now Vikram asking his child. She tells her to give Karan to Vikram. Meher says she won’t give Karan to him.

Gulwant says she took wrong decision now again by not listening her. Meher says she took the right decision. Gulwant says Meher will understand when Vikram will snatch Karan from her. Meher says Karan is God’s gift for her and no one can separate her from Karan. Param comes there and says he is hungry.

Sarab wonders why Vikram entered his room and was gazing Karan and attacked him. Meher was feeding Param taking Karan in her arms. Vikram says he will handle Karan until she feeds Param. Meher denies to give Karan to him saying she will handle him. Vikram adores Karan and pleads her to give Karan to him for few minutes.

Meher doesn’t gives Karan to him. Aditi tells Meher to give Karan to Vikram. Meher says Karan needs fresh air now and moves out of the house. Vikram tells Meher that she is doing wrong by separating Karan from his biological father. Meher says she already told him that Karan is her and Sarab’s son.

He says Sarab wanted to kill Karan even before his birth and shows his signature on the document which says he choosed her life over Karan. She shocks knowing this. Sarab tells Param that he will celebrate this diwali with him and Karan. Vikram says Sarab played with Karan’s life.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher meets Sarab and apologize to him.

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