Choti Sarrdarrni 4th November 2020 Written Update: Vikram threatens Meher

Choti Sarrdarrni 4th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher tells Vikram to not utter a single word against Sarab and throws the document paper he gives it to her saying she knows how Sarab is so she doesn’t need any validation from others. She says he does not know how Sarab stood for her and Karan and tells him what all he did for them.

She says while saving Sarab her accident happened that’s why he choosed her life over Karan and asks if he was in Sarab’s place then what he would have done. She says she doesn’t call him as her God just like that if he thinks she doesn’t know this truth then he is wrong because Sarab already told her this truth. She tells him everything how he apologizes to her after her delivery and said he didn’t had time to think anything.

She says she can understand why he took that decision and if she was in his place then she would have done the same. She says he promised to protect Karan and he is doing that till now and says now Vikram would have understood about Sarab.

Gulwant scolds her Daughter in law. Her Daughter in law asks what happened to her suddenly. Gulwant says everything happening because of her and says in past she is the one who asked time to convince Meher to marry Sarab and from the time she married him, Meher facing problems one after another. She says now Vikram asking Karan back. Her Daughter in law shocks hearing her and asks why Vikram asking Karan from Meher.

 Gulwant says because Manav is Vikram. Her Daughter in law did Sarab knows about this truth. Gulwant says he doesn’t know for now. Her Daughter in law says she always wanted good only for Meher. Gulwant says if Meher returns Karan to Vikram then no one will respect her in her mother in law house and what all she has to face from society.

Vikram says he will agree that whatever she is saying is true and from now on he will also give respect to Sarab after all he saved Karan’s life. He tells her to ask Sarab that will he give Param to some good person if that person wants to do the upbringing of him.

He says Sarab won’t give Param to anyone because any other person can’t become father. He says he can’t see Karan calling someone else as father when he is still alive. He says if she thinks he will go just like that just because she denied to give Karan to him then she doesn’t know him. He says he will go to court and will do DNA test and will get Karan no matter what.

 She asks is he threatening him. He says he is giving time to her and says until Diwali she has time. He promises to Karan that he will celebrate Diwali with him and tells Meher to give Karan to him if she wants Aditi’s happiness. She says she won’t give. He says then she will witness the Diwali which she never did in past.

Aditi tells Vikram that she got her old Vikram who used to love her so much. She asks why he went to Sarab’s room wearing mask. He tells her to forget the past and concentrate on their new beginning. Sarab calls Meher and says he was missing them so wanted to say good night. She says she will meet him tomorrow. He says he will be discharged before Diwali and it’s Karan’s first Diwali with them so he planned to celebrate it in grand way. She recalls Vikram’s threat and thinks Sarab getting better so tomorrow she will tell the truth to him.

Episode ends.

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