Choti Sarrdarrni 5th August 2020 Written Update: Meher have an inner conflict over Sarabjit and Manav.

Choti Sarrdarrni 5th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meher and Sarabjit admiring Param and Aditi bond. Soon everyone settles for deciding the name. They called Pathi ji who suggests to keep name starting with letter K. Everyone are thinking of a name when Meher recalls Manav staying that he wants his child to be named as Karan. Meher utters the name lost in thoughts and decides to finalise it. They all starts celebrating when all of a sudden Meher shouts no. She says that they can’t keep the name and runs Inside while others watches shocked. Chief Minister messages Harleen that Sarab is not picking his call.

Harleen says about Cm calling him but Sarabjit goes after Meher. Aditi asks cm and shows Harleen the news about Sarabjit’s name in the scam. Harleen denies all the allegations and asks her to keep the news from reaching Meher as its her child’s Naam karan. Aditi asks does she mean her and Sarah’s child and she nods yes. She says that Sarab cares for Meher and he will get sad if Meher gets upset. She says that she will kill anyone who troubles her brother.

Sarabjit comes to Meher and finds her crying. He says that it’s her who suggested the name and if she doesn’t like it they can change it. He asks her to not spoil her mood and cheers her up. He leaves asking her to come out. Meher’s inner self taunts her for still being affected by Manav. She says that all that she has dumped in the river are just a facade and she never really cares for Sarabjit’s feelings. Her inner self accuses her for still loving Manav but Meher denies it. She says that Sarab is her God who accepted her everything with open heart and she’ll do anything for him. She says that she’ll keep the name as Karan only. Her inner voice says that it’s not her memories of Manav which she dumped in the river but she threw the Meher who loved Manav into the river and she don’t have anymore work here. Saying so the inner voice disappears. Meher holds her baby and calls it KaranSingh Gill.

Harleen taunts Meher when Meher comes there informing her Bhabhi that they’ve named the child Karanjit Singh Gill. Everyone gets happy hearing it. Sarab takes the baby and calls him Karan lovingly. On the other side Bhabhi informs Kulwant about Meher’s baby named as Karanjit Singh Gill. Everyone dances happily but soon Kulwant reveals that she has succeeded in her plan to add Gill name to that illegitimate child. She enjoys her victory and boasts about her masterplan. Vikram is investigating Tarkash who denies opening his mouth. He asks him the Swiss bank details of Sarab but he remains calm. Soon he gets someone’s call and asks him to go from there. He also asks him to inform Sarab to be prepared to answer the same question tomorrow. Sarab calls Vikram who taunts him for forgery. They both challenge each other.