Choti Sarrdarrni 5th May 2020 Written Update: Kulwant Kaur Stabs Manav!

The episode begins with Meher calling Manav to ask where he is. Manav says he is still at the Dhabba waiting for the cab. Meher tells him that Kulwant has been waiting for him for a long time and asks him to hurry up. She gets worried about seeing the climate change and tells him to come soon as the weather is going bad. Manav looks up at the sky to see a clear weather and says things are fine here.

He tells her that he will impress Kulwant too like he had impressed his daughter and says that he will be the first person who will not only ask for a daughter’s hand but also for his soon to be baby mother’s hand. Meher blushes. Manav tells her that they will name the baby as Simran if its girl and Karan if its boy. He talks romantically to her as to how they would address eachother with their kids name after marriage. Manav sees the cab arriving and tells Meher that he will be there soon. Meher tells him that she love him and gets ready to dress up for him.

Manav takes blessings from Sharma who bless him and asks him to bring along Meher too so they can all celebrate his birthday together. Manav says he will bring her along. He then smiles and says he also has a good news but asks Sharma to wait for it. Sharma asks Manav to give his new mobile number. Manav asks Sharma for his phone to feed his number but Sharma gets a call and he attends it.

Manav sees the cab and writes down his number on hotel bill book and tells Sharma he had written it down and leaves. A waiter tears off the bill to give to customer without noticing the number written on it. Sharma finishes his call and finds the written bill missing.

Meher searches for Amrita everywhere. She collides with Bittu who just glares at her. Meher says sorry to him for everything and Bittu shows attitude towards her. Meher asks where Amrita is as Manav is coming today to meet everyone. Bittu leaves ignoring her. Amrita calls her back seeing the missed calls and apologise for not noticing that her phone went on silent mode.

Meher asks her where she is as Manav is coming today. Amrita is shocked and tells Meher that they have to come to her Mother’s house with Jagga as Kulwant told them Manav is coming only tomorrow. Meher says there might be some confusion. Amrita tells her that they will leave immediately and asks Meher to pray that Kulwant should approve manav and disconnects. Meher gets ready thinking of Manav and dances holding one of his shirts.

Meher is baking a cake for Manav when he calls up and tells her he is still at Dhabba. Meher gets annoyed with him and asks him to stay at Dhabba and there is no need for him to come. Manav smiles and tells her that he is just standing outside her house but since he was missing her, he thought to call her first. Meher gets delighted and says she also has a surprise for him looking at the cake she made and decorated. Manav pays the cab and before he could take the gift he placed on top of the car, the cab drives away.

Manav rings doorbell and Bittu opens it. Manav extend his hand introducing himself and asks if he is Bittu. Bittu just glares at him ignoring his hand and turns away walking inside. Manav follows. He sees Meher and they both exchange smiles. He gestures at his attire and Meher gestures back that its too good. Manav smiles and goes inside living room where Kulwant is seated in her chair. Rana and Bittu standing behind her with sober angry faces.

Manav greets her and bends down to take her blessings and is shocked to feel stabbing pain behind his back. He looks at her astonished with blood shot eyes and Kulwant stares angrily at him after stabbing him at his back with a knife. Meher drops the cake she brought in shock and cries. Manav turns at the sound and enduring his pain he tries to walk towards her but Kulwant remove the knife and stabs him again making him fall.

Meher cries out his name sobbing and the two try to touch eachother. Bittu and Rana grab Meher and locks her up in a room. Meher knocks the door and sees Kulwant walking outside. Meher shouts that she has betrayed her. Bittu and Rana soon drags a suffering Manav on the floor taking him outside. Meher shouts at them where they are taking her Manav. Manav looks at her struggling. Episode ends.