Choti Sarrdarrni 5th November 2020 Written Update: Meher reveals Vikram’s truth to Sarab

Choti Sarrdarrni 5th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher recalls Vikram’s talks and says no one can separate Karan from her and hugs him. Harleen asks where Meher going with Karan. Meher says Sarab missing Karan so she is taking Karan to meet Sarab. Vikram serves tea to Aditi and his mother. Aditi says she would have prepared and asks why he is stressing himself. He says his father used to do this and now he is doing so no problem. He notices Karan’s picture in Aditi’s taplet and tells her to send it to him.

Vikram’s mother says they should plan for baby too now. Vikram says Karan also like his son only. Aditi says she is going to meet Sarab in the hospital. Nurse motivates Sarab to walk. He hears Karan’s voice and gets happy and moves towards him. Doctor says seeing his son Sarab’s walking become better and she leaves from there. He talks to Karan and Meher adores them. He says Karan will become like him and thanks her for bringing him with her. He says his son talking to him and says he will handle his business when he becomes elder.

Meher recalls Vikram’s talks. He says seems like she is jealous of their bond. She cries and he asks what happened to her. She apologize to him saying she is his culprit and she is responsible for his this condition because that bullet was about to hit her and he is tolerating her pain. She says from the time she married him, he is facing problems only, it would have been better if they never met then. He wipes her tears and says his life become meaningful when she entered his life and she is his and Param’s happiness and she gave Karan to him who is his life’s happiness.

She says he will snatch Karan from them. He asks who will snatch Karan from him and tells her to stop crying. She takes Manav’s name which shocks him. Gulwant curses Vikram while playing chess. She says Vikram won’t win this game because she will finish this game in her way. Her son’s comes there and says Police investigating Manav’s case and the order given by Sarab. She says if she has to go to jail then she will reveal to everyone that Manav is Vikram.

Sarab asks did Manav troubled her. Meher says Vikram is Manav. He says she said Manav doesn’t have parents then how it’s possible and asks why he married Aditi. She cries thinking about Karan. He asks her to tell him everything. She tells him about Vikram’s amnesia and everything.

She says now she doesn’t want to think about her past and she is new Meher now and she wanted to tell the truth to him but she could not able to gather the courage. She says she tried to explain to Vikram but seems like he wants something else. She says she didn’t understand what’s happening when he tried to attack him wearing mask. She says Doctor said that he can’t handle any stress that’s why she could not tell him anything about Vikram apologize to him saying she is his and Aditi’s culprit for hiding this truth.

Sarab says he is proud of her and she did nothing wrong. He asks how Vikram gets to know about Karan. She says yesterday he came to her and asked Karan, otherwise he will snatch him from her. He says he is Karan’s father and no one can separate his son from him. He says he is feeling sad for Vikram but he won’t give his son to anyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram asks why Gulwant kidnapped Karan.

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