Choti Sarrdarrni 6th August 2020 Written Update: Kulwant gets injured and Vikram’s entry

Choti Sarrdarrni 6th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditi smiles seeing Sarab tensed and Param asks the reason for her smiling. Aditi says that he will get to know soon. Param says her a poem on love and Harleen scolds him asking how he got to know about all these things. Param says that Yuvi said it and Harleen scolds Meher for letting Yuvi speak all that. Param asks if loving someone is wrong. Sarab says not at all. He says that it’s necessary for everyone to love. He says that love is what he has on him and love is what Meher mumma has on Param. Param asks if he also loves Meher mumma and everyone gets embarrassed.

Meher moves away uncomfortable when Sarab teases her and fools her. Aditi calls them cute and takes her leave. On the other side Yuvi accidentally stomps on television remote and news starts playing in it. The news reporter reports about Vikram Deewan and his interview about paying for sins gets aired. Kulwant who’s upstairs gets frozen hearing his voice. She recalls killing Manav and slowly peeps down to find Manav giving interview and gets shocked. Her leg slips and she falls down upstairs. Yuvi stands shocked and couldn’t utter a word while Kulwant’s head starts bleeding. Soon everyone notices her and cries calling out her name but she doesn’t respond. They take her to hospital and the nurse soon calls doctor for emergency. Everyone gets worried.

On the other side Sarab meets Tarkash who says about press meet. Sarab says that he needs to go to Gurdwara to get blessings for baby and asks Meher to accompany with Karan. Param too wants to accompany them but Meher stops him stating the pandemic virus outside and asks him to attend online classes. Harleen too says the same. Param feels dejected and gets angry that baby gets more importance. He gets angry at baby. Aditi looks at Param’s photo and says that she’s just waiting for the medicine.

A guy comes there and he says her about Meher loving a boy named Manav who works in a dhaba in the college. He says that Manav disappeared mysteriously and there’s no news about him. She asks for his photo but he says that even he couldn’t get his photo. She looks at the family tree and asks him to find his photo soon.

Sarabjit, Meher and Tarkash visits Gurudwar with baby. Meher once again what’s the problem but Sarab hides it. They both enters temple and starts praying when Vikram appears from behind. He prays just behind them and plays with the baby when Meher and Sarabjit are praying with closed eyes. Vikram and Sarab misses each other but Sarab notices Vikram’s wallet falling on the ground. He picks it and calls out for him. He recalls him as Manav and greets him happily while Vikram glares at him.