Choti Sarrdarrni 6th November 2020 Written Update: Sarab promises Meher that Vikram can’t snatch Karan from them

Choti Sarrdarrni 6th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher says Vikram warned her to give Karan to him otherwise he will leave Aditi and he gave time till Diwali. Aditi comes there and asks about Sarab’s health and says Meher seems tensed. Sarab she is worried about his health. Aditi tells her to not worry about him because he is recovering and will be discharged before Diwali. She says today Vikram prepared tea for her and starts to praise him.

Sarab asks did she loves Vikram that much. Aditi says Vikram is her life and she can’t handle it if he ignores her and she gets message from Vikram. She says he planned dinner for them and leaves from there when Nurse came to call her for an emergency case. Sarab says no one can snatch Karan from them so Meher need not to worry about anything. He promises her that their both kids will celebrate this Diwali with them.

She says she is feeling something strange. He says when they are together no one can win against them. Vikram talks to Karan’s picture saying he is missing him already and brought so many toys for him. He says he knows that Karan likes balloon and he will celebrate this Diwali with him.

Sarab tells the security guard to tight the security of the house. He says Vikram is not bad person because that day he didn’t kill him and he can understand his situation too but relationship is not always about blood and he is Karan’s father now so he will talk to Vikram because it’s about Karan’s future and Aditi’s life. Nurse comes there to take Sarab with her saying it’s time for his rest. Meher tells Karan’s Doctor that she will bring him evening for vaccination.

Meher ignores Gulwant seeing her in the house. Param says Gulwant brought fruit for him. Harleen says this formality was not needed. Gulwant says she brought out of love. Meher tells Param to finish his homework. He says he finished his homework already so he will spend time with Gulwant. Harleen and her husband leaves the house.

Meher goes to kitchen and Param comes there and says Karan is not in their room. She checks the bed and shocks knowing Karan is missing. She shouts for Harleen. He says she went outside. She asks the servants about Karan and tells them to find him. She searches everywhere and tells the security to check CCTV. Param starts to cry and Meher consoles him. She was about to inform it to Sarab but decides to not tell him. She tells Param to not go out of the room and he should not tell about Karan to Sarab. She checks the CCTV footage and tells the servant to stay with Param always and leaves for her house.

She reaches her house and asks Gulwant about Karan. She starts to search him everywhere. Gulwant says Meher become mad and asks why she is searching him here. Meher puts the knife on her brother’s neck and asks him to tell where is Karan. Gulwant snatches the knife from her and shouts at her. Meher says Gulwant only kidnapped Karan because she is the who came to her house and left wearing shawl. Gulwant cries saying she is also a mother so why she will kidnap her son. She says she left her house after Harleen left. Meher says she won’t leave the person who kidnapped Karan.

Gulwant recalls how she kidnapped Karan. Meher’s brother says Gulwant acted well in front of Meher.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram calls Gulwant and asks about Karan. Param calls Sarab and cries. Meher reaches Vikram’s house.

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