Choti Sarrdarrni 7th April 2020 Written Update: Meher and Manav take vows in front of Lohri fire

Choti Sarrdarrni 7th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Jagga working in office. Meher looks through the window nervously waiting for Manav and complain to Bubbly that he is late by 15 mins. Bubbly asks her to come and have Golgappe. They go across street to eat. Manav comes and Meher gestures him to meet Jagga sitting at his table. Manav greets him. Jagga looks at him and says he looks educated. Manav says he is educated and has completed Phd. Jagga is surprised and says even his brothers and him put together can never match. Meher gestures to Manav that Jagga is mistaking him for driver but Manav cant understand. Jagga continues to question Manav about his experience and age while Manav answers he is 25. Jagga is shocked and says he learned this difficult work by age of 7. Manav says its easy job. Jagga asks if he has license and says he is trusting him with big responsibility. Jagga gives keys to Manav to drive truck and deliver. The real driver comes and Jagga asks who he is then. Manav gets cold feet and stammers he works in neighbourhood Dhabba and came to give menu card just in case he needs something to eat. He nervously gives back keys and leaves. Meher gets shocked and annoyed.

Meher almost hits Manav as walks in road with her jeep. He sits inside and Meher angrily asks him to get down. Manav says he wont let her sit on his bike then. Meher irritatedly drives off. Amrita shows picture of sets and asks Kulwant’s opinion. Kulwant says its beautiful. Meher comes and they show the picture. Meher says its beautiful and would look good on Amrita. Kulwant says its for her daughter. Meher is surprised and asks she is buying her set worth fifty five thousand. Kulwant tells her she is her only daughter and she can spend even fifty lakhs for her. Meher gets a video call from Bubbly. She answers and suddenly they hear Manav calling Gobi de paratte and apologies. Meher quickly cuts call and gets up. Kulwant asks what happened to Bubbly voice. Meher lies she has sore throat and pretends that something fell on her eyes. Amrita asks her to go inside and wash. Meher runs fast. Amrita continues to show pictures.

Manav calls her again and asks why did she disconnect. She says otherwise her mummyji would have cut her neck as she was sitting right next to her. She asks him why he called her from Bubbly phone. Manav tells her that she didn’t answer his calls and he would have called her more than 100 times. Meher says she don’t care even if its thousand times. Manav asks her think what would be better, A dhabbawala asking for her hand or an IAS officer. Meher annoyingly disconnected. Manav calls again and apologize as he got nervous in front of Jagga. He asks her at what time she is coming for Lohri function. She tells him she won’t come and disconnect again. Manav smiles and thinks she kooks gorgeous when angry. Meher smiles at herself.

Kulwant gifts a toy car for Lohri. Kulwant says she wants to see what his Nani gifts him. Amrita comes and tells Kulwant it would be nice if she could also come to her maternity home as its her brother and his wife’s first Lohri. Kulwant says she wants to come but has lots of responsibility as a sarpanch. She blesses her and gives gifts for her family for Lohri. Meher gestures at Amrita and she asks Kulwant if she can take Meher along with her and Yuvi. Kulwant gladly agrees and asks Meher to go and enjoy their hospitality. Meher gives a thumbsup to Amrita.

Marriage broker shows several pictures of woman for Sarab but Harleen rejects all. Harleen sees she is looking for a woman who is educated, good looking and most importantly single. The lady says its impossible to get a single girl as Sarab already has a five year old son and a widower. Shano comes and says she had turned impossible to possible and tells her she got a wonderful alliance. She shows Meher picture and says she is daughter of Sarpanch and importantly not married yet. Harleen asks if they know about Sarab. Shano says yes and infact the alliance is from their side.

Sarab and Param comes out and Harleen asks him to see the picture of the girl as she thinks she will be perfect match. Sarab says he is taking Param to pizza joint and tells her later. Shano asks if he would agree. Harleen gives her word that he will. Meher drops Amrita and Yuvi at her mom house. Amrita asks her to come inside but Meher says she has to go to college. Amrita asks college or elsewhere. Meher lies to college only. Amrita asks her to anyway come and meet everyone first and then leave.

Manav waits for Meher. Meher arrives and deliberately removes the red duppata Manav gave and wears golden duppata and goes inside Dhabba. She wishes everyone and gives gifts ignoring Manav. Manav tries to get closer but Meher gives him a cold handshake. Manav asks where is the dupatta he gifted her as he asked her to wear it today. Meher says even age asked him to talk to Jagga. She walks away saying he don’t want to marry her. Lohri party begins in college and everyone is enjoying. Manav keeps looking at her. Meher ignores him And distribute sweets for all. The host announce the arrival of a chief guest and a passed out student from their college Sarabjit Singh gill. Sarab arrives. Manav keeps trim to talk to Meher. Sarab lights fire. Meher ignores Manav and dances. Sarab wishes everyone and gives a speech about Lohri and its speciality. Manav takes the red  dupatta from her bag and says why so much drama. He puts the dupatta over him and they promise each other taking vows in front of fire.