Choti Sarrdarrni 7th May 2020 Written Update: Meher is in shock over Manav’s death

Choti Sarrdarrni 7th May 2020 Written Update on

Meher shouts Manav’s name from the locked room as Bittu and Rana drags Manav. Meher breaks the glass door and runs outside as Kulwant drives the jeep with Manav inside and Rana,  Bittu riding at the back. She tearfully runs behind them. Kulwant drives off fast and Meher finds a bicycle parked near a local Dhaba. She follows them in the cycle riding frantically all the while crying and shouting Manav”s name.

Kulwant says to a struggling Manav at the back seat that how dare he thought he could marry Meher. She says that the price of Meher is not cheap. Rana says isn’t today his birthday and taunt him that he thought to celebrate his birthday with them and ended up celebrating his death day. Bittu glare at him taunting that there will not be any more birthdays for him and says happy birthday. Manav writhes in pain struggling to be alive.

Sharma and the staffs decorate the dhabba with candles,  balloons and Meher,  Manav pictures to celebrate Manav’s birthday. Lahori asks Sharma why he is lighting all candles before Manav arrive. Sharma scolds and asks him will they make arrangements after his arrival. Meher tries to follow the jeep riding fast. Jagga and Amrita are standing at the side of the main road when they notice Kulwant driving the jeep and Rana,  Bittu sitting at the back. Jagga wonders where they are going at this time of night. They are shocked to see Meher chasing in cycle. Meher dint hear or see Jagga and Amrita calling out to her. Jagga tells Amrita to catch a rickshaw and go home while he follow them. Amrita too wishes to come but when Jagga insist to go home she agrees and asks him to go fast.

Kulwant stops the jeep near the bridge. Bittu and Rana drag Manav out and they throw him down the bridge. Manav screams and falls down in the water. They leave in jeep. Meher drops her cycle and looking down she sees her duppata going under the water and understands that Manav has drowned. She screams for him and Jagga comes there. He stops her from falling over and Meher starts to behave hysterically. Jagga slaps her to make her come to senses and She cries over his shoulder telling about Manav. Sharma gets worried that Manav hasn’t returned and checks for the notebook where Manav has written down his mobile number. There were many numbers and they dint know which one belonged to Manav. Sharma tries calling Meher and says she isn’t picking up.

Jagga asks Kulwant back home what they had done. Kulwant lies that Manav came home not to ask for Meher’s hand but to ruin all their lives. She tells him that he demanded 2 crores to keep his mouth shut else he will tell the entire pind about Meher’s pregnancy. She further lies that Manav spoke ill about their family and misbehaved. She tells Jagga that at one point it went too much and in anger, Bittu and Rana stabbed him at the back. The brothers look at each other but stay quiet. Kulwant tells Jagga that if he was home even he would have done the same. Jagga looks uncertain and asks how will they handle Meher now.

Kulwant looks away smirking. Meher is asleep on the bed and recollects the events of the evening. She wakes up with a jerk and says its just a nightmare and frantically searches for her phone to call Manav. She comes down all the while calling his number. She hears it ringing outside their main door. She picks it up shakingly and sees blood all over her hands and on phone. She screams and drops the phone. She cries for Manav to pick up the phone. Devasted she falls down on the same spot and cries not noticing the downpour of rain. Kulwant,  Rana, and Bittu looks on at Meher crying lying down outside in raining. Kulwant says that the rain won’t stop and so is Meher’s tears. But Meher would have now understood what will happen if she disobeys Kulwant Kaur. Episode Ends.