Choti Sarrdarrni 7th November 2020 Written Update: Param calls Sarab to inform about Karan

Choti Sarrdarrni 7th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Vikram happily adores Karan and says now on one can separate him from his son. Gulwant calls Vikram and says he got his son and reminds him about their deal. He says he remembers everything and he will release them from the murder case.

Param says it’s been so late still Meher didn’t brought Karan. He says what if someone kidnapped Karan too like him and he was so afraid when someone kidnapped him and Karan will be afraid too now and he takes the mobile to inform that to Sarab. But Sarab didn’t attend his call and he starts to cry.

Doctor was checking Sarab. Sarab tells him that he wants to discharge before Diwali and no matter what he needs to be fine before that to celebrate Diwali with his family. Aditi’s friends says Aditi didn’t introduce Vikram to them and she married in lockdown without informing anyone. Aditi says Vikram is busy person always and she don’t think they can meet him any time soon.

 Vikram comes there with Karan there. Aditi calls Vikram but he doesn’t picks her call. Harleen tells her husband that Meher would have left to hospital with Karan for his vaccination and Param will be alone in the house. Her husband says more than him everyone gives respect to Vikram. He says that Vikram made drama when he was drunk still no one said anything to him. She says even in drunken state he saved Sarab and he should not forget what all he did in his drunken state.

Meher’s brother gets worried thinking about Meher’s act. Gulwant makes fun of him. He says there is already a murder case on them now kidnapping case too added. He says he feels like they did wrong by kidnapping Karan. She asks they gave Karan to Vikram and he released them from murder case.

He says Meher won’t stay silent and will snatch Karan from Vikram no matter what. She says he is right Meher is lioness and till now she would have snatched Karan from Vikram. She says Meher will get Karan back and they will get their release from murder case and it’s an win win situation for them.

Meher reaches Vikram’s house and knocks the door. Vikram’s mother asks why she is panicking and asks what happened. She goes to bring water. Meher tells her to call Vikram. Vikram’s mother asks why she is searching Vikram and he will be in his office now. Meher says he is not picking her call but he will pick her call for sure.

 Vikram enters hotel room with Karan and says they will stay here from now on and it will be their house but Karan starts to cry. Vikram’s mother calls him but he doesn’t picks her call too. He says seems like Karan is hungry and orders milk for him. Karan was keep crying and he calls the room service to scold her. Then Vikram comes out of the room to talk to the room service person and the room gets locked from inside. He shocks seeing that and runs towards the room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher informs Sarab about Karan’s kidnap.

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