Choti Sarrdarrni 8th November 2020 Written Update: Meher confronts Vikram

Choti Sarrdarrni 8th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Vikram comes out of the room to bring milk for Karan and before he enters the room it gets locked from inside. He asks hotel servant about master key saying his son locked inside the room. Servant tells him to ask in reception. Vikram gets the key and opens the door before Karan falls from bed.

Sarab notices Param’s missed call in his mobile and calls back thinking he would have called him to complaint about Meher saying she went to hospital with Karan leaving him alone in house. Param attends his call and recalls Meher’s warning and decides to not tell anything to him and says he missed him that’s why he called him.

Vikram’s mother says she already tried 5 times but he is not attending her call and says maybe he is in meeting. Meher tells her to call him again and Vikram attends her call this time and Meher takes the mobile from her and asks where is he now. He says he came out for his meeting and asks why she called him from his mother’s mobile

. Meher comes out of the house and calls Sarab and informs him that Vikram kidnapped Karan and lied to her when she enquired him but she clearly heard Karan’s voice while talking to him. Sarab says he will start the investigation. Meher says she will search too. Sarab tries to leave the hospital but Doctors denies him to leave saying he is not recovered yet. But Sarab was adamant to leave saying he has to save his son and falls down because of weakness.

Vikram tells Karan that Meher suspecting him already so before she reaches here they has to leave from here and tries to console the crying Karan. Sarab calls Meher and tells the location to her which he got from his source. Karan doesn’t drinks milk and keeps crying. Vikram doesn’t understand how to console him. Meher runs towards the room where Vikram kept Karan. Aditi sees Meher and follows her. Meher knocks the room and Vikram opens it. Meher takes Karan in her arms and he gets silent.

Sarab says Vikram did big mistake by kidnapping Karan. Aditi calls Sarab and tells him about Meher. He shocks hearing her and asks what is she doing there. She replies saying she came out with her friends.

He lies to her saying he sent Meher there for an important meeting because he cant attend now and tells her to come to meet him saying he is not able to breathe properly. Meher calls Sarab and tells him that she got Karan. Sarab tells her to reach home with Karan. Vikram asks Meher to give Karan to him and says Karan was happy with him till now. Meher says she can see clearly how he was taking care of Karan and says he is hungry from past 5 hours and feeds milk to him. She asks how he got Karan when he didn’t even entered the house.

She says it would be Gulwant who helped him. She asks why he approached Gulwant when she is the one who tried to kill him. He says he is an CBI officer and he knows how to get his son so no one helped him. He says she is forgetting that Karan is his son too and he has rights on him. She says talking about rights is easy but fulfilling duties is difficult. He says he will return Karan to her if he failed to take care of him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Param meets Sarab in hospital. Meher tells Sarab about Vikram’s decision.

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