Choti Sarrdarrni 9th November 2020 Written Update: Meher reaches hospital with Karan and Param

Choti Sarrdarrni 9th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Vikram blames Meher for not telling the truth to him when she met him first. He says that time he didn’t remember anything but she knows everything still she lied to him. She says she is mother for Karan and Param and she cared about his happiness too because he was about to marry Aditi and was happy with his new life.

He says his happiness destroyed already and now his happiness is Karan only. She says he gave time till Diwali so till then he has to stay away from Karan because that day she will tell her decision to him. She was about to leave from there with Karan but Vikram stops her saying only she knows about her decision but no matter what he will get Karan. Meher informs Sarab that she reached home with Karan. And she gets to know that Param didn’t eat anything and slept in her room after crying a lot.

She enters her room and lays Karan beside Param and recalls how Param told her to bring Karan. Hearing Karan’s voice Param wakes up and says he was so worried for his brother and thanks God for returning his brother to him safely. He says he won’t talk to Karan if he left him alone like this again without informing him. Meher gives Karan to Param and he plays with him. She adores their bond. Param tells Meher that Karan smiling at him. She says Karan will stay with Param only always. Gulwant’s sons praises Gulwant’s plan.

Gulwant says she already knows that Meher will get Karan from Vikram. She says Vikram was stupid to stay in the nearest hotel and he lost this chance with his stupidity. She says Karan is real problem and till Vikram gets Karan problem won’t end in Meher’s life. Param meets Sarab and kisses him. Meher comes there with Karan and gives him to Sarab. Sarab gets relived seeing Karan and thanks God. He hugs his sons and asks Meher to join them.

Vikram was counting how many days left for Diwali. He talks with Karan’s picture and says he already planned many things and he will take him to Goa and Manali and they will spend time together. Aditi asks him to pass the file to her. He asks her about Sarab’s health condition. She says before Diwali he will be fine but needs to do few tests. His mother asks why he ordered kid’s things and asks is there any good news. He says one day kid will come to this house that’s why he ordered.

Aditi gets shy and leaves for hospital. Vikram thinks soon Karan will come to this house. Param says he told Karan that Sarab will be fine before Diwali and will celebrate Diwali with them. He tells with excitement what all he planned to do on Diwali. He says it’s Karan’s first Diwali. Meher recalls Vikram’s demand. She asks Sarab that how they will handle Vikram.

Sarab says they will handle him because they are not going to give Karan to him. Vikram plans to arrange separate room for Karan. Aditi hears him and misunderstood thinking he is doing all for their upcoming kid. Meher wakes up and could not able to sleep thinking Vikram can take Karan from her and stays awake whole night.

Episode ends.

Precap – Someone plans to kill Meher.

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