Choti Sarrdarrni 9th October 2020 Written Update: What will happen to the case against Meher?

Choti Sarrdarrni 9th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Manav knocking on the door of a room. Sarab thinks who is here so late at night. Sarab and Meher open the door to see a bouquet, a hotel staff says it’s from the owner of the hotel. Sarab and Meher thank him. Manav doesn’t get any reply from the room he knocks on. The manager tells him that the lady in this room has gone out, he needs to wait in the lobby. Manav wonders where would Meher have gone so late at night, then he decides to wait.

Meher is seeing the moon, Sarab joins her and they see a shooting star and they both ask each other to wish for something. Then they both pretend as if they don’t believe in such things. But they turn and pray and wish for something. Each one of them slowly checks the other one praying and smiles. After wishing, Meher says I saw you were wishing, tell me what you wished for.

Sarab says I prayed for the thing I pray for every time I pray. He goes and writes on a paper Meher. Meher blushes. Sarab asks what she wished for, Meher said I asked for my whole life and writes Sarab’s name. Meher says how Sarab is her everything from a friend to breathe. She thanks Sarab for being so nice.

They then make a heart and Sarab rolls that paper and puts it in the water jug. Meher asks what is this? Sarab says see how the color of our love is mixing. Meher smiles.

At Gill mansion, Harleen and Param are sleeping. Bichu the kidnapper comes and tries to take Param away. Param screams and wakes up. Harleen hugs him and asks what happened. Param tells her that the kidnapper is here and will take me. Harleen says don’t worry, you saw a dream, the kidnapper can never come here. She makes Param sleep.

In Serbia, Meher thinks of what Martha said that she will not let her go easily. She hugs Sarab and says what if after tomorrow I can’t be with you or kids. Sarab says don’t say like that. He asks if Meher trusts him. Meher says yes, more than god. Sarab says how she knew Meher is so pure when on their first night she told him the truth without hiding it.

He then says that I wanted to tell you something for so long. Sarab is about to say but Meher stops him and says there is just one more truth that she needs to tell him.

In the lobby, Manav again asks if the guest has arrived, the receptionist says no. He gets upset.

At Kulwant’s house, Kulwant is watching a comedy show and is laughing. Rana and Bunty ask her how can she laugh in such a serious matter as Manav’s memory is back. Kulwant then says that Manav will never open his mouth as her mom is a heart patient and once he opens his mouth and tells truth, his mom will die.

At Serbia, Meher is about to tell Sarab but Param calls and asks Meher to tell a story as he is unable to sleep. Meher tells a story about a girl and a boy, resembling the story of her and Manav. Param’s call gets disconnected in between as he is asleep. After that Meher continues the story for Sarab, who thinks that the story is familiar. Meher gets emotional while saying about the part where Kulwant kills Manav.

Episode ends.

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