Colors TV’s Krishna Mohini Loses the Plot Within Weeks of Airing

By Gossips Tv : We are back with another update, and this time, we’re reviewing the newly launched Colors TV show “Krishna Mohini,” which stars Fahmaan Khan as Aryaman, Debattama Saha as Krishna, and Ketaki Kulkarni as Mohan.

During the promotional phase, the writers and production team promised the audience a unique storyline centered around LGBTQ themes. They assured viewers that the show would focus on a boy, Mohan, who wants to transition into a girl. Ketaki Kulkarni’s character, Mohan, was to be the heart of this narrative, with his sister Krishna (played by Debattama Saha) protecting him from societal prejudices.

The promos highlighted a compelling plot where Krishna supports her brother Mohan against societal norms due to his LGBTQ identity. Initially, the show adhered to this promised storyline, capturing the audience’s interest with its fresh and bold approach.

However, within weeks of airing, “Krishna Mohini” took an unexpected turn. The focus shifted dramatically to a love triangle involving Aryaman, Krishna, and a new character, Ananya. This shift sidelined the main character, Mohan, and the original LGBTQ theme, much to the disappointment of the viewers.

Audiences, who were eager for a show that genuinely explored LGBTQ issues, felt let down by this sudden change in direction. The once-prominent character of Mohan has now become a secondary figure, and the storyline seems to be losing coherence. The pressure from the channel to boost TRP ratings is likely a significant factor behind this abrupt narrative shift.

Netizens have been vocal about their dissatisfaction, pointing out that this might be a reason for the show’s declining TRP ratings. Both the audience and critics had high hopes for “Krishna Mohini” to stay true to its original theme, but it seems the show has lost its way, disappointing many in the process.