Continuing the Legacy of Empowerment; Priya Dutt talks about carrying forward her father’s legacy at the Tata Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai is known as a city of dreams and also for its purpose-driven initiatives and Priya Dutt, daughter of Sunil and Nargis Dutt, is upholding a legacy of empowerment at the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Tata Mumbai Marathon took its inaugural steps in 2005 as not just a race, but the manifestation of a heartfelt vision. Priya Dutt recently shared a video on Instagram, in which she emphasized her late father’s vision of empowering people with disabilities through the marathon, which has evolved into a symbol of unity, strength, and empathy over the years.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon, initiated by Priya Dutt’s father, Sunil Dutt, is more than a race, it is a representation of unity and strength, bringing people together and embracing what makes them unique. Priya’s commitment extends beyond running, it signifies a transformative journey breaking barriers, and leaving a lasting impact on marginalized lives.


Taking to Instagram, Priya Dut penned down a note on the profound connection she has with the marathon and the purpose of continuing it over 19 years. In her caption, she wrote “Each step I take at the Tata Mumbai Marathon connects me to my father’s dream. He started this race in 2005, dedicating it to empowering people with disabilities. It’s not just a race it’s a symbol of unity and strength. Together with NDF, we’re turning dreams into reality, breaking down barriers along the way. This marathon is more than a race, it’s a journey of transformation and I’m honored to carry on my father’s legacy. Together, we’re making strides towards a more inclusive and resilient future.”

Priya Dutt carries forward her father’s legacy in more ways than one, while the marathon is a platform for embracing change and recognizing the potential in every individual, leaving a lasting mark on the city and its people, the purpose of the Nargis Dutt Foundation is to ensure the lives of disabled individuals are not lost due to the lack of affordability of medical treatment and that no child is deprived of a good education due to lack of funds.

Through the years, Priya Dutt has carried forward the legacy of her parents by being a voice for the voiceless, supporting individuals, and treating them without any discrimination. Initiatives like the Tata Mumbai Marathon and the Nargis Dutt Foundation, serve as platforms to serve, be it by promoting inclusivity or by supporting cancer patients. Carrying forward her father’s dream, Priya helps ensure that the marathon is a celebration of unity, strength, and the collective determination to create a world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.