Control Room actor Shivangi Verma: Always wanted to work with Beyond Dreams… I dream of doing my best to create a good career graph for me

Shivangi Verma plays the character of a forensic expert in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s upcoming show Control Room. The actor loved the concept the first time she heard the narration. She also reveals that she did not know the title because it was announced later.

All we knew is that it is a crime-based show and I would be playing a forensic expert. Later I came to know that it is called the Control Room. I was extremely happy because I always wanted to be associated with Beyond Dreams and this is my first project with them. I am very happy with the production house as they are organised and professional. I am also very happy with the role because I am very selective and always liked challenging characters. This is one such part,” she says.

Control Room is an investigative police drama. “I was definitely looking for something like this. Forensic and cops are very different from the crowd. There is a lot to do with my character, Nazneen. I would like to thank the creatives and the people who briefed me about my character. They helped me a lot theoretically. This character is very much to the point and with a lot of preciseness with which she speaks and that is how I am in my real life. There is nothing much to do. The uniform is very unique and the confidence comes with it because I have to play within the screenplay dialogue and rules, that’s the only preparation,” she adds.

Talking more about her character, she shares, “Nazneen is a forensic expert. She is very hot, peppy and sassy. I have also got red streaks which make me very different from what I am in real life. Nazneen is very confident. She can see what others cannot and when I get to the crime location I start behaving as if I was there at the time of crime and how criminals should see things I try to see with their eyes and solve the case. My case solving techniques are very different. I feel very good when the cops come into my forensic lab with evidence and they ask me about the case.”

Control Room actor Shivangi Verma: Always wanted to work with Beyond Dreams… I dream of doing my best to create a good career graph for me

Actors often dream of donning a uniform on screen. However, Shivangi begs to differ. “I have dreamt of doing something very different which would create a good career graph for me. I believe in hard work and patience and God has always been kind to me. For me, Khaki Vardi is all about confidence because a lot of people seek justice through them and that vardi comes with a lot of responsibility. I am not wearing it in the show but whatever uniform I have I am very happy with it as it holds a lot of accountability,” she says.

About working with Beyond dreams, Shivangi adds, “It is extremely wonderful. I am on cloud nine and since the time I have come in this industry I have mentioned at many places that I wanted to be a part of the Beyond Dreams team because I have always been a huge fan of their work. Watching their serials made me want to be there. My dream has finally come true. I have got this because of my parents blessing and good wishes from my loved ones.