Cool The Globe’s quantification of carbon emissions piques interest on Shark Tank India 3

Shark Tank India 3 is all set to go green with its Ecopreneur Special, a special episode committed to sustainable and environment friendly businesses. With the aim of making India a sustainable nation, the Ecopreneurs are here to pitch in their initiatives. One such Ecopreneur is Prachi Shevgaonkar, Founder of Cool The Globe. Cool The Globe is an app that helps people reduce their carbon footprints by suggesting simple changes in their day to day lives. The app also quantifies the amount of carbon emissions reduced by the user just by following suggestions. Prachi, being carbon conscious, travelled to the sets of Shark Tank India 3 by train instead of a car and reduced around 35 kgs of carbon emissions.

Reflecting on her time in the tank, Prachi says, “I founded Cool The Globe from my college dorm room and worked on it during my internship period. Being an avid viewer of Shark Tank India inspired me to grow our app for climate action as a startup and I feel that my entrepreneurial journey has come a full circle after appearing on the tank. I still remember my heart racing five minutes before the pitch. Thankfully, once the music played and I faced the sharks, I brought my A-game and the pitch went smoothly. The next hour was a mix of tough questions, fun banter, valuable insights, and heartwarming support from the Sharks. It was an unforgettable experience that will always be a special part of Cool The Globe’s journey.”

With the mindset to reduce her carbon footprint by 10% on a yearly basis, Prachi believes that the small lifestyle changes we make today will impact humanity as whole in the future. Seeking a funding of 25 lakhs for 5% equity, Prachi’s energy and amazing purpose piqued the interests of the Sharks. After a few rounds of negotiations, she was able to strike a two shark deal of 25 lakhs for 8% equity with Radhika Gupta and Aman Gupta.

To witness Cool The Globe’s journey, tune in to Shark Tank India 3, only on Sony LIV!