Covid-19: Binge watch Hotstar specials to entertain your Quarantine period

A platform that ensures to bring out the shows that are well received by the audience in a massive way. Here are the top 5 shows that you could not afford to miss watch in your self quarantine period.

-Criminal Justice:

 The adapted series is a suspense thriller courtroom drama which revolves around the main character Aditya. The innocent and Kind hearted Aditya lands in a mess with a wrong move. The mystery and the courtroom drama forms the crux with added revelations.

Special Ops :

None believes that he exists but he does. Does he really exist? Is he really the mastermind behind the terror activities? The special agent Himmat Singh with his fab 5 tries finding answer for the question whom none believes to even exist.


A messed up family is kept under the hostage of a day old retired Sp. With a psycho gun man behind their back, the plot follows with lots of twists and turns revealing the reason for them kept under hostage.

Out of love:

A bit of evidence collapses their happy family. Loyalty is questioned and limits are crossed. An affair leads to a messed up relationship proving that falling out of love is acceptable. A twisted tale with top notch performances.

City of dreams:

An attempt of assassination on the most powerful political person ends up messing lives of different people. A political drama that unveils some major truth before reaching it’s climax.

So these are the few handpicked shows of different web platform that could entertain your Quarantine period. So which one are you going to binge watch next? Share your opinion in the comments section below.