#Covid19 Lockdown: Binge watch these interesting web series on Zee5 Original

With lots of free time available in Quarantine period, people couldn’t stop themselves from enjoying their time with different web shows. Here’s the list of top 5 web shows of Zee5 Original that makes your self quarantine period a lot entertaining.

Zee5 is another successful Web platform where most of the shows have strong message and powerful impact. Here are the top 5 shows that you could binge watch this quarantine period


Karishma Kapoor’s debut show Mentalhood is an unique journey of an imperfect parent who touches the two extremes ends of the life entangled with emotions.

-Stage of Seige 26/11

Bringing us back to the most dreadful time of 2016, is the terror attack of Taj Hotel. The 20 hours struggle mixed with dreadful scenarios makes it worth a watch.

-Code M

Power is wielded by the crooked. Things that appears to be or not actually what it is. An army lawyer’s smartness to encode the twisted plot with major revelations.

-Never Kiss your Best Friend

A light hearted next door romance that everyone dreams of. From neighbours to friends to something more the gradual and simple yet beautiful romance tale.


Circumstances leads the innocent College Student to a most wanted criminal. Inspired by a real life gangster, the cold-blooded show ensures all necessary nook and corners are covered well without identifying loop holes.