Dadi Amma Dadi Amma..Maan Jaao 17th March 2020 Written Update: Rekha’s new plan

Episode begins with Anjali, Shlok reaches pradhan’s house. Shraddha teases them seeing their luggage. Anjali asks Shraddha about Dadi. Shlok takes blessings from Dadi. Anjali says they can’t stay for more time because they have to leave for Mumbai in few hours. Dadi asks how suddenly Anjali’s plan changed? Anjali says Rekha asked her to meet casting director for Dhruv in Mumbai, Rekha can’t go because of her feet injury.

Anjali says Rekha will think about Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage once Dhruv settled in his carrier. She says Rekha told her that there was no mistake of Shraddha so she is ready to accept Shraddha in front of everyone. Shraddha hears that. Anjali says if Dhruv settled then Shraddha can stay with her in jhawar’s house and Dadaji will be so happy too. Anjali says she is so happy with Rekha’s decision.

Dadi thinks is it some trap of Rekha, how Rekha agreed to accept Shraddha. Anjali says she will try whole heartedly for Dhruv and Shraddha. Shraddha says carrier and personal life is different, carrier doesn’t matter now because Dhruv doesn’t accepts this marriage and doesn’t loves her too, love is important to stay together. Shraddha asks Shlok to make Anjali understand this. Anjali says she wants to take chance for Dhruv and Shraddha’s relationship.

Namrata praises Rekha for her acting in front of Anjali. Rekha thinks now Anjali will try every possible way to make Dhruv as super star to make Shraddha and Dhruv together. Shlok says Anjali and Shraddha arguing with each other for no reason because Dhruv doesn’t cares about his carrier.Anjali says Dhruv just need chance to prove himself to everyone and she will make sure that he gets that chance.

Dadi says Shlok, Anjali both are right in their positions. Dadi tells Vikas that Anjali reached Mumbai safely. Vikas says for Rekha, Shraddha and Anjali is different then how easily she agreed to accept Shraddha. Dadi thinks Vikas is right and she will find out Rekha’s intention in her own way.

Dadi reaches jhawar’s house with few ladies. Dadi says Anjali told her that Rekha accepted Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage. Rekha shocks hearing that. Namrata says Dadi behaving like mad. Rekha says Dadi misunderstood her. Dadi says now it’s not just Rekha’s dream to see Dhruv as super star instead it’s now Shraddha’s dream too for her husband. Rekha gets irritated. Dadi asks Rekha to send Dhruv to pradhan’s house to attend pooja because Shlok, Anjali went to Mumbai she arranged for them only but now Dhruv and Shraddha will do that pooja.

Dadi asks Rekha will Dhruv or not? Rekha stays silent. Dadi sits there and says without getting answer from Rekha she won’t leave from there. Dadi says Rekha’s answer will prove that Rekha is really ready to accept Shraddha or not. (Episode Ends).

Precap – Rekha says she didn’t thought Dadi will stoop this low to trap Dhruv. She says Dadi entered her house so she too will enter pradhan’s house to give reply but in her way. Few people attacks pradhan’s , Shraddha cries seeing their state.