Dabangi: Arya to decide to give up the contest for Bela?

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Sony TV’s New Show Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi Is Witnessing An Interesting Track where Satya misleads Bela.

As reported earlier, Sai grows anxious thinking if she doesn’t win the contest she is going to lose her father. Satya comes and says to Sai and Bela that she already lost her father as they left the house after Arya came here and says once Arya wins the contest Ankush will not even look at her. Sai says she will not allow that to happen. Bela asks Satya what is he doing and says Sai will grow more anxious after hearing him. Satya says he is just warning her. Satya says to Bela that it is her choice if she wants to send Arya to remand home or Sai to be sent up to heaven. Satya leaves from there. Bela says to sai she will not lose. Bela says she will go and make sure that she wins.

Ankush brings Arya to the temple at her request. Arya prays to God and later takes Ankush’s blessings to win the contest.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Bela says to Arya that if Sai doesn’t win the contest she can’t stand it. Bela says to Arya that she doesn’t want to lose Sai. Bela says to Arya that only she is the one who can save Sai. Arya asks Bela if she will be happy if she loses the contest and Sai loses the contest. Bela asks Arya if she will do this for her. Arya says yes.

What will happen next?

Will Arya lose the contest?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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