Dabangii 13th November 2023 Written Update: Chaya fails in escaping from Satya

Dabangii 13th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Arya asking Chaya how will they go to Mumbai? Chaya thinks they have to go to Mumbai before Ganesh Visharjan.


The Pandit asks Satya to give Maha Aarti. Kasturi acts as if she is feeling dizzy as she is fasting. Satya asks Kasturi to come to give Maha Arti. Kasturi agrees and comes forward. Kasturi asks Avdabai for matches to taunt her. Satya gives Maha Arti to Bappa with his family.

Arya requests Chaya to allow her to go and pray to Bappa. Chaya doesn’t agree to it. Arya still doesn’t listen to Chaya and goes to pray Bappa.

Chaya goes after Arya. Chaya searches for Arya in the crowd. Ankush sees Damini in the crowd and thinks Satya is also here. Ankush recalls his father’s words. Satya hears Chaya’s voice and turns around but he doesn’t find Chaya.

Ankush goes searching for Chaya in the crowd. Arya comes to Bappa and prays to Bappa. Arya also takes part in Ganesh Visharjan. Arya asks Chaya to come to her.

Chaya sees Satya coming towards her. Chaya recalls her past seeing Satya. Chaya thinks she will not allow anything to happen to Arya because of Satya. Chaya looks at Arya and recalls her moments with Arya. Chaya recalls Arya once hoped that Chaya will dance in Ganesh Visharjan. Chaya dances infront of Arya. Chaya distracts Arya and gives the responsibility of Arya to Bappa.

Chaya comes to Satya. Chaya pushes Satya away and runs away from him.

Chaya tries to escape from Satya’s men but Satya’s men surround her. Satya says to Damini that the game of hide and seek is over. Satya asks Damini where was she until now and says he searched for her a lot. Satya asks Chaya where is their son? Chaya thinks of Arya and her moments with Arya. Chaya says to Satya that their son is dead. Satya recalls Avdabai and Kasturi’s words. Satya shoots Chaya. Ankush is shown to be searching for Damini. Arya is shown to be praying to Bappa.

Damini falls on the ground. Satya leaves her to die. Ankush finds Chaya bleeding on the ground.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya searches for Chaya but she doesn’t find her. The hospital staff are shown to be taking Chaya’s dead body away from there.

Avdabai asks Satya what did he do? Satya says he killed Damini as she said to him that she killed Avdabai’s grandson and his son. Satya shouts in grief.

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