Dabangii 17th November 2023 Written Update: Ankush burns the gifts given by Satya’s family

Dabangii 17th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ankush’s father sprinkling water on Arya to wake her up. Arya regains consciousness. Arya asks Ankush’s father to help her in searching for Chaya as she has gone missing. Arya sees Ankush’s father silent and thinks his mother might also be missing. Arya assures that she will help him in finding his mother. Ankush comes to Arya and Ankush’s father.


Avdabai tastes the food and and coughs a lot. Kasturi asks Avdabai to not taste the food as she can’t eat spicy food. Kasturi invites Bela to her house. Kasturi announces to everyone at the dining table that tomorrow is a special day as with tomorrow it will be her 5th marriage anniversary with Satya. Kasturi suggests to Satya that they should make their marriage official and says it Bela’s idea. Avdabai gets upset hearing this. Satya asks Bela for her opinion.

Ankush and his father contemplate about Arya’s future as they can’t take Arya to their home.

Bela says they should do marriage. Satya hearing this agrees to marry Kasturi tomorrow as he will also get an MLA ticket tomorrow.

Arya eavesdrops on Ankush and his father’s conversation. They talk about admitting Arya in an orphanage tomorrow. Arya thinks she has to search for Chaya herself.

Ankush’s father asks Arya if she will eat ice cream. Arya says yes. Arya acts as if she is coughing. Ankush’s father goes to get water for Arya.

Ankush’s father comes back and finds Arya missing. Ankush’s father calls Ankush.

Ankush comes to his home and finds Kasturi gave some gold jewelry and dresses to Bela and Sai. Ankush takes them and asks Satya to come out. Ankush doesn’t attend his father’s call.

Satya comes out and asks Ankush what happened. Ankush asks Satya if he is thinking they can buy his family’s hearts with this gold jewelry and dresses then he is mistaken.

Ankush throws the gold jewelry and sarees on the ground. Ankush pours gasoline over them and burns it right infront of Satya and his family. Avdabai asks Ankush if he has gone mad as he burnt Shagun. Satya asks Avdabai to calm down and says they will buy it again. Satya says to Ankush that he will not be able to do anything to him by creating a scene like this. Satya asks Ankush to confront him and not destroy his kids happiness.

Satya comments on Ankush. Satya asks everyone to leave saying the show is over.

Arya searches for Chaya. Some goons see Arya searching for Chaya and decides to kidnap and sell her.

Ankush sees Sai upset and tries to calm her down. Bela takes Ankush to a side. Bela says to Ankush that he shouldn’t have fought like that infront of Sai. Bela asks Ankush why is he acting wierd nowadays. Ankush is not able to answer Bela as he hasn’t taken a decision about Arya.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ankush gets to know from his father that Arya ran away.

Arya runs away from the Goons. Arya’s red ribbon falls on the road while she is escaping from the goons. Ankush finds it later.

Arya locks herself in a room. The Goons lock the door from the outside.

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