Dabangii 21st November 2023 Written Update: Ankush leaves Arya at the orphanage

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The episode starts with Ankush commenting on Satya in front of the party leader. Satya tries to defend himself saying this is the opposition’s conspiracy against him. The party leader leaves from there. Ankush says to Satya that he will show him soon what the law can do to him.


Arya says to Ankush’s father about how her father beat up the goons in the hospital.

Ankush comes to meet Arya in the hospital. Arya argues with Ankush saying she is not an orphan. Arya argues with Ankush saying her father and mother are alive. Ankush tries to explain to Arya that her mother is no more. Arya bites Ankush’s hand. Ankush shouts at Arya saying her mother is dead. Ankush hugs Aray and tries to comfort her but Arya pushes him away and locks herself in the washroom. Ankush says to his father and he shouldn’t shout at Arya like that. Ankush says if he has listened to Chaya then this situation wouldn’t happen. Ankush’s father comforts Ankush.

Ankush asks Arya to open the door. Arya doesn’t open the door. Arya goes to sleep in that room. Arya dreams of Chaya.

Arya complaints to Chaya about Ankush saying that she died. Chaya says to Arya that she is really dead. Chaya assures Arya that Chaya will come in front of her whenever she thinks of Chaya. Arya asks Chaya who will take care of Arya from now on. Chaya comforts Arya. Arya asks Chaya to sing a lullaby for her. Chaya sings a lullaby for Arya. Arya is shown to be crying in her sleep thinking of Chaya.

Ankush comes to Arya and picks her up and puts her to sleep. Ankush decides to always keep the promise that he gave to Chaya.

Ankush’s father gets to know at the hospital reception that Ankush took Arya away. Ankush’s father calls Ankush.

Ankush is shown to be talking to the warden. Ankush asks the warden will Arya be able to adjust here. The warden assures that she knows how to handle misbehaving kids like her.

Arya gives a lot of trouble to the orphanage staff. Ankush stops Arya and asks Arya why is she misbehaving like this. Aray says she doesn’t want to stay here. The orphanage warden asks Ankush to leave and says she will handle Arya. Arya pleads Ankush not to leave him and says if his mother and father are alive then she wouldn’t be here. Arya says she wants to go to Ankush’s father as he promised that he will help her in finding her father.

Kasturi asks Tanmay to wear this dress. Avdabai thinks she should not allow Tanmay to become to become Satya’s inheritor.

Avdabai asks Satya where was he the whole night. Satya says to Avdabai how Ankush came and accused him infront of the party leader and he couldn’t get ticket due to him. Avdabai says to Satya that she knows he will fix that problem in two days.

Avdabai takes Satya to a side and says Damini might have lied to him that his son is dead and says she might have done this to take revenge on him or some other reason. Avdabai thinks if his son is alive then he might be on the road begging for food. Kasturi says it’s time for their marriage. Satya lashes out at Kasturi. Avdabai asks Satya to search for his son in Sholapur. Satya agrees.

Precap:- Arya is locked in a room. Arya tries to get out of the room.

Satya goes to Sholapur. Bela calls Ankush and says Kasturi is lashing out as the marriage has been stopped. Bela also says Satya suddenly went to Sholapur.

Satya asks Sonu if he saw Damini.

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