Dabangii 30th May 2024 Written Update: Zai decides to burn herself alive

Dabangii 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bela saying to Ankush and Arya that if Zai knows about the truth then Zai will not be handle it and says she will kill herself. Ankush says to Bela that it is wrong of them to ask Eklavya and Arya to sacrifice their love for Zai. Ankush says if Eklavya and Zai get married then three lives will be destroyed. Ankush says Eklavya and Arya are doing this acting to save Zai.

Eklavya and Zai are shown to be dancing. Eklavya hides Arya’s name and leaves from there.

Eklavya looks at Arya’s name and thinks soon this name will be on his fate.

Bela asks Arya how could she hide the truth from her. Zai asks Bela what is Arya hiding about. Arya says due to work she had to leave to Mumbai and says she can’t attend the wedding due to it. Arya says Ankush and Bela are mad at her about it. Zai asks Ankush and Bela to allow Arya to leave as if she stays here, she will only create problems. Zai asks Bela not to be sad. Zai leaves from there. Bela thinks once Zai knows the truth she will not be able to handle it.

Bela comes to Eklavya and begs Eklavya to marry Zai. Eklavya says he will not be able to do it and says he only loves Arya. Eklavya says he will never be able to keep Zai happy as he loves Arya. Bela collapses hearing it.

Eklavya says to Arya that this is why he advised them against this drama and comments on it. Eklavya decides to put an end to this drama and bring out the truth.

Ankush comes to Arya and talks to her and cheers her up. Ankush advises Arya if she has to choose in between her happiness and others happiness then promise him that she will choose her happiness. Arya comments on it.

The next day, Zai gets ready for the Haldi ceremony. Zai asks the servant to get food for Bela as she hasn’t eaten anything from the morning. Jaanrao comes to Zai and Bela and reveals to them that Eklavya is nowhere in the house. Jaanrao says Eklavya might be upset that this wedding is happening in hurry. Zai worries about Eklavya leaving her.

Zai comes to Arya and asks Arya what did she do as Eklavya left her. Zai complaints to Ankush how when she thinks everything good is going to happen something bad happens. Zai goes into a room and locks herself up and pours gasoline over herself. Naina calls for everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bela says to Arya that if anything happens to Zai, Ankush will not be able to live with himself. Bela says it will prove that she is Satya’s daughter. Arya asks Bela not to speak like that and says she will do whatever Bela tells him to do.

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