Dabangii 31st May 2024 Written Update: Ankush refuses Bela’s request

Dabangii 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Zai trying to light herself on fire. Naina shouts for all the family members. Bela begs Zai not to do anything to herself. Ankush asks Zai not to take this step and talk to her.

Arya sees Eklavya and brings him to Zai. Zai looks at Eklavya and says to Eklavya that she is setting him free. Zai sets herself on fire. Eklavya and Ankush break the door. Arya and others stop the fire and rescue Zai. Arya sees she burnt her hand.

Jaanrao asks Eklavya where did he go. Eklavya says an emergency came up so he left the charger at home and his phone has been switched off. Zai asks Eklavya to tell him once and for all if he will leave her or not. Eklavya promises to Zai that he will not leave her. Zai feels relieved hearing it.

Bela says to Ankush that this is the second time Zai tried to kill herself. Bela says she is always worried Zai. Bela says to Ankush that they have to convince Eklavya to do real wedding. Ankush doesn’t agree to it.

Arya sees her hand is burnt. Eklavya comes to Arya and tends to her. Arya asks Eklavya to leave and worry about Zai. Eklavya says Zai is only trying to get their attention and nothing more than that. Eklavya and Arya think when will this drama come to an end.

Ankush says to Bela that Zai needs medical treatment. Bela asks Ankush if they are going to put Zai in a mental asylum. Ankush says Zai will be under observation. Bela says there is no need for all of this and says Zai will get better once Eklavya married Zai for real. Ankush doesn’t agree to it and asks Bela not to think about it and leaves from there.

Bela sees Eklavya and Arya talking to each other. Eklavya leaves from there. Bela comes to Arya with sleeping pills in her hand. Bela says to Arya that Zai will not survive if Zai learns the truth and she can’t stand this torture. Bela asks Arya to either kill her with these sleeping pills or save Zai by doing Eklavya’s marriage for real with Zai. Arya says Eklavya wouldn’t agree to it. Bela asks Arya to allow Eklavya to think this is a fake marriage but they will tell him after the wedding that this is real. Arya says she can’t betray Eklavya like that. Bela threatens to take sleeping pills so Arya without having a choice agrees to sacrifice her love for Zai.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya thinks she has to to do real wedding under the guise of a fake wedding.

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