Dabangii 4th June 2024 Written Update: Eklavya and Zai get married

Dabangii 4th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Eklavya saying to Arya that he wishes that he can leave everything here and take Arya away from here. Arya comments on it. Arya thinks about just looking at Eklavya one last time before he really marries Zai. Eklavya asks Arya if all the arrangements are ready for this fake wedding. Arya apologises to Eklavya in her heart.

Ankush asks the Pandit if Arya explained everything to him. The pandit says yes. Arya sends Ankush away making up a reason. Ankush feels sorry for Arya as he is doing Eklavya’s fake wedding with Zai.

Arya asks the Pandit to do Eklavya and Zai’s marriage according to tradition.

Ankush brings Eklavya to the Mandap. Bela also brings Zai ti the Mandap.

Eklavya while looking at Zai thinks of Arya. Arya looks at Eklavya and thinks Eklavya will never forgive her for what she is doing.

Eklavya does all the rituals of wedding with Zai according to Pandit’s instructions. Eklavya only thinks of Arya while doing all these rituals. The Pandit asks the bride and Groom to take Phere. Eklavya and Zai take Phere. Arya recalls her moments with Eklavya and stumbles. Jaanrao catches her.

The Pandit announces that this wedding is completed. Eklavya and Zai take their elders blessings. Arya leaves from there.

Kasturi asks Eklavya to take care of Zai. Arya comes to her room and apologises to Eklavya in her heart. Ankush says to Eklavya that this fake wedding is over and says they will tell the truth once Zai gets better. Bela thanks God as under the guise of fake wedding they did real wedding.

Eklavya packs his bags. Bela asks Eklavya what is he doing. Eklavya says he can’t do the acting of first night. Eklavya says he will make up a reason and asks Bela not to worry. Bela says to Eklavya that this is a real wedding and says to Eklavya that he is really married to Bela.

Eklavya comes to the Pandit and asks the Pandit if this wedding is fake. The pandit says this wedding is not fake. The Pandit says to Ankush and Eklavya that Arya asked him to do the wedding according to tradition and says this wedding is 100% real. Eklavya goes to confront Arya. Ankush goes to Bela.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Eklavya confronts Arya and questions Arya why did he betray her.

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