Dabangii 7th March 2024 Written Update: Kasturi conspires against Ankita

Dabbangii 7th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Arya sneaking into Yug’s house. Arya says to Jaanrao over the phone that they have to find some information about Yug that will force Satya to break up with Yug. Arya finds Yug’s tablet. Arya tries to open it but she sees that it is password protected. Arya says to Jaanrao that there is no information about Yug as if he wantonly hid everything about him just like her.

Yug sees that the lock is loose and thinks why is it loose. Arya overhears Yug entering into the room so she hides under the table.

Zai says to Yug that his house is really simple. Yug says he is living alone. Zai says she is going to decorate their house when they buy a new one.

Zai suddenly coughs so he goes to get water for her. Yug pours water and some water spills on the floor. Yug takes a tissue to clean it.

Yug sees Zai is picking up his photo with Arya and thinks if she saw that photo then he will be exposed. Yug calls for Zai and takes the photo from her. Yug says to Zai that this is the first time that a woman came into this house.

Kasturi recalls how she was humiliated. Satya says to Kasturi that media only wants drama. Kasturi says she is once again humiliated due to her past. Kasturi says to Satya that she will destroy Ankita the same way. Satya says there is nothing in Ankita’s past to throw dirt over her. Kasturi says if there is no dirt they need to make dirt.

Yug goes and gets water for Zai. Arya is shown to have sneaked into the bedroom. Zai asks Yug to show her the bedroom. Yug doesn’t agree to it. Zai still barges into the bedroom and makes inappropriate advances towards Yug.

Arya couldn’t stand seeing Zai romancing with Yug. Yug comes out of the room and calls Ankita saying he can’t do this as Zai is in his bedroom and trying to do romance with him. Ankita reminds Yug how much they have invested to create his fake identity and asks him to handle the situation.

Satya says to Kasturi that her plan is good and says it will take a lot of money to execute it so they have to involve Yug in their plan. Kasturi reminds that they are taking his money and giving him land and power and says there is no need to tell him the plan. Satya agrees.

Arya opens the window. Zai hearing that sound thinks it’s a rat and gets scared. Yug also says there are a lot of rats in the house. Yug gets a call from Satya. Yug later says Satya is calling them right away. Zai and Yug leave from there. Yug locks the door. Arya tries to leave but she notices that Yug locked the door real tight.

Satya says to Yug that he needs untraceable money Rs 10 crores by tonight. Yug asks Satya what’s it for. Satya reminds Yug that he will fund the money and in return they will give land and all the permissions required for his factory. Yug says he thought they are family that’s why he asked for it. Satya reminds Yug that he still hasn’t become son in law. Satya says to Yug that they can cancel the deal if he wants. Yug hearing this leaves from there.

Yug calls Ankita and says they need this money as Satya is questioning him about his loyalty. Ankita hearing this agrees to arrange the money and asks Yug to find out Satya’s plan. Yug agrees. Yug spots Kasturi behind him.

Episode ends.

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