Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Ankush catches the child traffickers

Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 2nd December 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Arya trying to take the mirchi powder but the Goon notices it and asks Arya what is she doing. Arya says they should pour some mirchi in the food. The Goon sends her away. Arya thinks she needs to think of another plan.


Ankita applies medicine to Ankush’s hand. Ankita later says to Ankush that she will give him the remand home phone no and asks Ankush to talk to Arya. Eklavya notes down the phone no.

The Goons serve food to the kids and asks the kids to eat the food. Arya takes mirchis from all the kids and puts it in her hand. Arya acts as if her hand is hurt. When the Goon comes close to her. Arya puts Mirchi in the Goon’s eyes and escapes from him. The Goon shouts for the other goons to catch Arya.

Satya looks at his gun with which he killed Chaya and decides to use it to kill Arya.

Ankush calls the remand home people but nobody attends his call. Arya hides under the basket to hide from the Goons.

The Goons search everywhere for Arya. Eklavya calls the remand home. The main attends the call. A Goon comes and reveals to the main goon that Arya has escaped. The main goon asks the Goon to search for Arya and bring her to him. Eklavya thinks Arya is in danger.

Eklavya comes to Ankush and asks Ankush to go and save Arya as she is in danger. Eklavya reveals to Ankush what he overheard over the phone. Ankush hearing this goes to the remand home on his bike. Satya is shown to be leaving on his car.

Arya comes out of the basket. Arya sees that the Goons are searching for her everywhere so she hides behind bushes.

Satya and Ankush are shown to be stuck in traffic. Satya decides to kill Arya today no matter what. Ankush leaves from there.

Arya suddenly sneezes and hopes that the Goons will not catch her.

Ankush reaches the remand home. Ankush comes to the kids and asks the kids if they know Arya. The kids don’t respond to Ankush as they are scared of him. Ankush searches for Arya.

Arya runs away from the goons and comes to a small roadside temple. Arya prays to God and hopes that she will be able to stay with Ankush.

The main Goon is about to come to the temple but he gets into a fight with a biker as he nearly runs over the main goon. Arya seeing this runs away from the temple.

Ankush finds a Goon and catches him. The Goon acts as if he is a worker in a remand home. Ankush asks the Goon where is Arya. The Goon says he doesn’t know.

Arya rinses into a vegetable vendor that she knows. Arya asks him to take her to Ankush. The vegetable vendor agrees and takes her.

The Main goon calls his Goon. Ankush puts the phone on speaker. The main goon asks his men to bring the other two kids and says they have to escape from here. Ankush makes the Goon take him to the main goon.

Ankush beats up both of them and asks the main goon who is their boss. Satya sees Ankush has caught his men. Ankush takes the phone no from the main Goon and notices that it is Satya’s phone no. Ankush calls for backup. Ankush learns from the Main Goon that Arya has escaped.

Satya decides to take care of Ankush later and leaves from there. Arya comes to the Ankush neighbourhood. Arya thanks the vegetable vendor. Arya takes a funny sack to cover herself and enters Ankush’s house. Satya sees Arya going into the house in his side mirror.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya comes to Ankush’s house and abducts Arya. Ankush comes to his home in search of Arya. Satya hides from Ankush.

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