Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 8th February 2024 Written Update: Satya kills Ankush

Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 8th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Satya shooting Arya. Ankush takes bullet that is meant for Arya. Ankush recalls the word that he gave to Chaya and apologises to Chaya as he couldn’t keep his word. Arya calls Ankush father. Satya says to Ankush that he is finished. Satya kicks Ankush from the cliff. Ankush falls off the cliff.


Arya accuses Satya of killing that her father and mother. Satya says to Arya that he is her father not Ankush. Satya shows the photo of him and Damini together. Satya says Damini hid her from him as she knows that he will kill her if he knew that she is a girl. Arya recalls what happened. Arya comments on Satya and says to Satya that she will never accept him as her father. Arya says she will tell everyone that he is a murderer. Satya asks Arya to stop it if not he will kill her. Arya asks Satya to kill her. Satya hesitates to shoot Arya. Kasturi shoots Arya. Arya loses consciousness. Kasturi says to Satya that he couldn’t do it as she is his daughter. Kasturi says if Arya is alive then he would have gone to jail. Satya looks at Arya.

Kasturi says to Satya that they have to leave as if the cops come here it will be a problem to them. Satya agrees and leaves from there with Kasturi.

The police inspector says to Bela, Ankita and Viswanath that they couldn’t find Ankush and Arya. Ankita asks the police inspector to make a strong case against Satya. Bela says they can do this later and pleads the inspector to find Ankush and Arya.

Satya comes home with Kasturi. Viswanath grips Satya’s collar and asks Satya where is Ankush. Ankita accuses Satya of child trafficking. Satya says to Ankita that he never did child trafficking and it was done by Jaanrao. Satya’s lawyer comes to Ankita and says to Ankita that they have proof of phone records of Jaanrao.

Satya cooks up a story saying Ankush found about Jaanrao and tried to stop him but Jaanrao killed Ankush . Satya says he tried to stop Jaanrao but he still killed Ankush. Naina defends Jaanrao saying Jaanrao can never do something like that. Satya says he also can’t believe it but it is the truth.

Viswanath says to Satya that he will tell everyone about him and Arya. Satya hugs Viswanath and blackmails Viswanath saying he will drag Ankush’s name into this child trafficking then his name will be tarnished. Bela accuses Satya of killing Ankush. Satya says to Ankush that they are the only people left for her and as Ankush is dead. Bela breaks down hearing this. Satya reveals to Sau that Ankush is not going to return anymore.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Viswanath says to Satya that he will not leave him. Satya says they can only talk in this room as if this gets out he will finish the whole family. Arya is shown to be getting treatment.

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