Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 10th February 2020 Written Update: Anjali reveals her truth to Shlok

Episode begins with Dadi prays to God to give her strength so that she can take care of Anjali and Shraddha and also can face all struggles of life. Namrata says Shlok blindly supports Anjali’s family and it’s not good for them. For that Rekha asks her to not talk negatively and says Shlok loves Anjali that’s why she agreed for this marriage. For Rekha marriage is not between two families and Anjali will be belongs to only Shlok’s family after marriage leaving her family permanently so that Shlok doesn’t need to fulfill his responsibilities towards Anjali’s family. Namrata praises Rekha’s smile. Rekha says her innocent smile is her weapon which she will use against Anjali’s family.

Pradhan’s does preparations for baithak ceremony. Dadi calls everyone and says about marriage expenses only she will talk no one should interfere. Shlok’s family arrives there and Pradhan’s welcomes them. Dhruv tells Shlok that he will make arrangements for him to talk with Anjali alone and orders him to confess to her instead of being shy. Shlok praises Shraddha’s rangoli. Rekha messes up the rangoli by mistake and apologize to Shraddha for that. Rekha introduces Namrata to Pradhan’s family and says she is very important family member. Dadaji tries to sit on floor because he is from bride’s side but Shlok doesn’t let him do that and make him sit on chair like everyone. Rekha notices that and doesn’t seems happy with it.

Anjali comes there and takes blessing from Rekha. Rekha gifts her a gold jewel. Anjali denies to take that but Rekha convinces her that she should agree for shagun. Vikas says costly gift wasn’t needed. Rekha says she doesn’t have any daughter and from now Anjali is her daughter and daughter in law both also Anjali is beautiful like gold so only gold suits her.

Namrata says they just need Anjali nothing else. Dadi gets happy and asks Vikas to bring paper. Rekha says youngsters not needed while elders talking so Dadi asks them to go to terrace. Dadi says they can spend 20 lakhs for marriage.

Shlok says Anjali is unique and thinks how to give her his gift. Anjali says still he doesn’t know her fully, he gonna marry her so he should know everything about her and says she is not like that whom he thinks of her and he should know the real her. She shows the cigarette pocket to him and says she smokes. Shlok shocks hearing her.

Namrata says 20 lakhs won’t be enough for what they thought about marriage preparations. It’s their families first marriage and it should never be so grand. Vikas says it’s first marriage for their family too so he agrees to spend more than 20 lakhs. Rekha shocks hearing him. Namrata says her family living in Indore for long time and everyone knows their family so they have many expectations from their family marriage. Prabhas asks them to agree with Vikas. Rekha shockingly sees Prabhas.

Shlok leaves from there without saying anything. Namrata says bride’s family should give gold as gift for all the guests. Pradhan’s shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha says Dadi to use expensive flowers for decorations and asks Anjali to decide the flowers.