Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 10th March 2020 Written Update: Dhruv helps Anjali

Episode begins with Dhruv takes Shraddha with him holding her hand for hospital. Dadi, Shlok too leaves from there. Rekhacryingly sees Sunderlal with hope but he too goes from there ignoring her. Dhruv tells Shraddha that they can’t change the past , have to continue the marriage drama until Dadaji recovers fully and it’s not his idea.

He recalls how Anjali asked him to help her for Dadaji and tells Shraddha that for Anjali he is doing this because he can’t deny her for anything and he too felt it is right to do that’s why so she should not think anything else by his behavior. Shraddha thinks she misunderstood him once so it won’t happen again.

Dadi asks God that what wrong she did that Shraddha suffering like this? She brought up her granddaughters like mother, it hurts to seeing them suffering so asks God to give solution so she can protect Shraddha from this pain.

Rekha tells God that no one understanding her pain, and asks when wrong happened with Dhruv why did not he saved her son and why he was silent when Shraddha’s family trapped her son. She knows Shraddha is not right one for Dhruv so he have to take a decision which she wants him to take and prays God to stand by her side in this.

Dadaji asks Dadi to bring his wallet. Shlok, Anjali takes blessings from Dadaji, he blesses them and says Anjali is like jhansiki rani all the time and he always loses while fighting with her and asks Shlok to take care of her. Shlok teasingly says from now he is in team Dadaji. Dhruv too joins Shlok and says he is also team Dadaji from now.

Dhruv, Shraddha takes blessings from Dadaji while doing that their hands touches with each other and Dhruv feels uncomfortable with that. Dadaji blesses them and says Shraddha’s mind is like devil but her heart is like glass so don’t let anyone to break her. He wishes to see his granddaughters bidaai.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha says Anjali herself will stop Shraddha from entering Rekha’s house. Few people attacks pradhan’s, Shraddha cries seeing their state.