Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 11th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok’s romantic gesture

Episode begins with Dadi says her family never differentiate between girl and boys. Rekha too agrees with her. So Dadi suggests her to contribute in marriage expenses. Rekha shocks knowing she too have to contribute. Dadaji takes Dadi and Vikas with him telling he have to talk with them. Dhruv tells Shlok when Anjali showed the cigarette pocket to him why didn’t he appreciated her honesty because they too have tried cigarette many times and Shlok is not the one who differentiate between girl and boy.

Shlok goes to Anjali and says without listening her fully he went from there so apologize to her for his mistake and says however she is perfect for him. Anjali tells him that from last 2years she have this habit and can’t change it now. He says he don’t wanna change her too and praises her for telling the truth and asks how she got this habit? She says whenever she is in stress and whenever someone doesn’t understands her she smokes. Shlok says then after marriage he will take care of and her happiness that she won’t need any cigarette. Dadaji scolds Dadi for talking with Rekha like that. Both argues with each other.

Shlok gives chocolates to Anjali as gift. Rekha comes to Dadi and says she respects bride’s side so she will take full marriage expenses not just half. Dadi says she too have few wishes and let her spend the money she saved for Anjali’s marriage. Vikas says they can talk later about it. Every one praises the food made by Dadi.

Shraddha gives the spicy food to Dhruv deliberately and mocks him saying he can just eat sweet dishes not spicy when he asked for water. Namrata tells Rekha that Dadi is so clever. Rekha asks Dadi to use orichitis flowers for decorations but Dadi doesn’t like this idea and hesitates to agree. Rekha asks Anjali to choose the flower for her marriage decorations and Anjali says orichitis will look classy. Rekha asks Shraddha to show the orichitis pictures to Dadi because she would not have seen them and informs everyone that tomorrow baithak will happen in her house.

Dhruv tells just by giving chocolates Shlok can’t impress Anjali and suggests him to take her out tomorrow. He gives the mobile to him and informs the plan to Anjali. Shlok calls Anjali and says he wanna meet her tomorrow because like her he too wants to tell him to her. Anjali hesitates to agree so Shlok says Dhruv and Shraddha too will be with them and Anjali agrees to meet him. Dhruv mocks Shlok for bringing him and Shraddha too with them. Dadi thinks it’s not just about flower but it’s Rekha’s intention that seems wrong.

Rekha tells Namrata by taking full expenses of marriage she hurted Dadi’s self respect and Anjali too agreed with her in flower matter so that’s her second victory.

Episode ends.

Precap – In Shlok and Anjali’s engagement their engagement rings goes missing so everyone searches it but doesn’t find it.