Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 11th March 2020 Written Update: Anjali gets to know about Shraddha’s love

Episode begins with everyone notices Shraddha’s forehead. Dadaji wishes to celebrate holi with his granddaughters and their husband’s. Shlok promises him that he will bring Anjali and Dhruv with him tomorrow and Anjali will put colour on Dadaji first like always. Rekha looks after the arrangements and recalls her son’s words. Namrata says she did all the arrangements very well according to their standard so Rekha need not to worry about it. She says Rekha promoted today from daughter in law of their house to mother in law of Anjali.

Rekha says Anjali never got mother’s love just Dadi’s love so she gonna be her mother. Dadi blesses Anjali and says pradhan’s house is still hers so Anjali can come whenever she wishes to come. Anjali says Dadi never should hide anything from her. She says she is leaving from the house not from their lives. Vikas asks Anjali to stay happy and spread happiness. Anjali gets emotional and cries hugging everyone. Shraddha silently cries.

Namrata praises Rekha for the decorations she did in Shlok’s room. Rekha puts Anjali’s family photo there. Namrata gets confused seeing that. Rekha says it’s to trap Anjali. Anjali advices Shraddha to be more responsible. Shraddha says she won’t disappoint her sister. Anjali says she is with her so Shraddha need not to worry about fake marriage just for few days have to continue that drama. Dhruv falls down by mistake. Shraddha runs towards him leaving Anjali. Anjali shocks seeing that and realizes something. Shraddha was about to hug Anjali, but Anjali stops her and asks is she loves Dhruv? Shraddha says there is nothing like that hesitatingly. Anjali didn’t believed Shraddha and her vidaai happens.

Rekha says Anjali will stop Shraddha from entering her house. Namrata asks why Anjali will do that? Rekha says Dadi’s granddaughters won’t support each other from now. Anjali thinks she will try every possible ways to unite Shraddha and Dhruv and she will make sure Shraddha reaches Dhruv’s house because her and Shraddha’s mother in law house is same and Shraddha’s vidaai will happen soon in more grand way.(Episode ends)

Precap – Rekha says she didn’t thought Dadi and Shraddha will stoop this low to trap Dhruv. She says she will give them answer in her way. Few people attacks pradhan’s , Shraddha cries seeing their state.