Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 11th March 2020 Written Update: Anjali’s vidaai ceremony

Episode begins with Anjali gets worried thinking how Dadaji will react after knowing the truth that only her vidaai gonna happen because he wishes to see Shraddha’s vidaai too with her vidaai. She says Shraddha’s vidaai can’t happen and also can’t tell the truth to Dadaji. Dadi welcomes Dadaji. Anjali, Shraddha gets emotional seeing Dadaji again in house. Dadaji sets the lighting decoration correctly and says today his granddaughters vidaai gonna happen and it’s a big day for him.

Namrata says Dhruv, Shlok again went to help pradhan’s . Rekha gets angry hearing this and says it won’t happen again. Dadaji asks Sunderlal to go and see the preparations to welcome his daughter in laws. Dadi says Shraddha’s vidaai not gonna happen today. Dadaji asks Shraddha did any mistake?

Sunderlal says he forget to inform him that only Anjali’s vidaai gonna happen today, Shraddha’s vidaai will happen later because Dadaji’s health also not well. Dadaji says he is fine they can Shraddha too.

Sunderlal assures Dadaji that Shraddha’s vidaai will happen in grand way and Anjali will welcome her. Dadaji gets convinced with Sunderlal’s idea. Dhruv thinks he got saved.

Shraddha says she promised Rekha that their house is just Anjali’s mother in law house for her nothing else so finding ways to fulfill her promise.

Sunderlal says he will help her to fulfill her promise and asks her to call him as papa not uncle. Dadi says Anjali to get ready for vidaai.

Sunderlal gives Radha Krishna’s idol to Shraddha as gift and says everyone thinks her marriage is fake and Dhruv doing drama now but for him the marriage is not fake and Dhruv can’t get better girl than her. Dadi gets happy seeing that and thinks Shraddha’s father in law supporting Shraddha.

Anjali tells Shraddha to forget everything which happened between her and Dhruv and they will inform Dadaji about fake marriage once he gets well. She says Dhruv and Shraddha always fights with each other so love is impossible between them. Shraddha gets nervous hearing this. Other side, Rekha says she forgetted past things and asks Sunderlal too forget the bad memories.

Namarata thinks what Rekha planning now because she is not the one who easily forget things. Panditji blesses Shlok and says within 4 days Dhruv’s bride vidaai will happen.

Prabhas thinks how will Rekha react if she gets to know this. Pradhan’s welcomes Shlok family. Shlok gets mesmerized seeing Anjali. Anjali cries while praying to God.

Dhruv says it’s good he doesn’t have any sister because he can’t tolerate the pain of vidaai. Sindoor splashes on Shraddha’s forehead, Dhruv shocks seeing that and recalls Panditji’s words.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha says Anjali herself will stop Shraddha from entering Rekha’s house. Few people attacks pradhan’s , Shraddha cries seeing their state.