Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 12th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok and Anjali’s engagement

Episode begins with Rekha calls her husband and tells him to do one more pooja for Shlok’s carrier so he can’t able to participate in final baithak ritual too. Shlok and Anjali goes for date with Dhruv and Shraddha. Dhruv tries to click selfie and Shraddha mocks him for that. Dhruv says most of the stores are theirs and even his father helped many people. Shraddha tauntingly says he is not like his father.

Dadi with her family reaches Shlok’s house for final baithak ritual. Vikas says they can discuss about other wedding rituals because engagement date is fixed already. Rekha tells them about pre wedding photoshoot. Dadaji says he is not aware of these new trends. Namrata says Rekha will handle everything because she knows very well about it. Rekha suggest to book pool side in any big hotel for photoshoot so Anjali can enjoy. Dadi says it’s good to see Rekha cares for Anjali’s happiness so much but Anjali wants her marriage to happen in traditional way.

Dhruv signals Shlok to talk with Anjali. Shlok talks lot about tea and his bond with his father. Dhruv gets irritated hearing him and mocks him for spoiling his own date. Shraddha hears him and says he is not like Shlok and asks him learn something from him.

Rekha says everything will happen according to Anjali’s wish. Dadi says after engagement Rekha can do photoshoot and says she is not gonna use orichitis flowers too for decorations because engagement gonna happen in marati traditional way.

Pradhan’s family handles the preparations of Anjali’s engagement. Vikas asks Dadaji’s friend to take care of Dadaji till ceremony ends. Anjali gets ready for engagement and thinks how she will manage both families. Dadi comes there and helps her to get ready. Shraddha prepares challenge for Shlok. Shlok’s family reaches the engagement venue and Pradhan’s welcomes them. Shraddha praises Shlok to Dhruv and says he is looking good in marati style of costume. It pisses Dhruv because he didn’t liked that look.

Shraddha brings Anjali. Shlok and Anjali sees each other and smiles. Vikas gets emotional seeing Anjali, Shlok notices it and puts his hand on Vikas’s shoulder. Anjali takes blessing from Rekha. Both families gives gifts to each other. Pandit ji asks to exchange the rings. Dhruv gives the ring to Shlok and asks Shraddha to give the ring to Anjali. Shraddha says Shlok won’t get Anjali that easily and says he have to work for it. She challenges him to find the ring then only he will get Anjali. Namrata complaints to Rekha here engagement happening or any play game. Shraddha says Shlok can keep assistant to search the ring by seeing Dhruv. Dadi smiles at that and Rekha notices it.

Episode ends .

Precap – Engagement ring goes missing everyone searches it. Dadi says till they didn’t search in Rekha’s bag.