Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 13th February 2020 Written Update: Dadaji gets shocking news

Episode begins with Shraddha says they have to reach 3 clue then only they will get the ring. Shlok and Dhruv starts to search the first clue in kitchen. That time Dadaji gets call from someone and goes outside to meet that person. That unknown person says to him that he is gonna retire next month so can’t give any information from now. And says his last information is from whom Dadaji hiding his grand daughters and family is gets to know that Dadaji stays in Indore now. He asks Dadaji to stay alert because that person anytime can get to know about Anjali’s marriage and goes from there. Dadaji shocks hearing him.

Prabhas to attend the call goes outside and sees Dadaji there. He asks Dadaji that why no one came from Anjali’s mother side. Dadaji diverts the topic and says he have to take medicine and goes from there. Anjali helps Dhruv to find the clue. Dhruv informs that to Shlok. Namrata complaints about the drama Pradhan’s doing.

Dadaji prays to God to save his grand daughters because he is hiding them from last 10 years and he can’t afford to lose them. He starts to run from pune after moving to many cities he have finally reached indore and no one should find him. Dhruv and Shlok reaches Anjali’s home to find the next clue. Shraddha comes there with her friends and mockingly says to Shlok that his assistant is so weak so he should change his assistant.

Dhruv goes towards Shraddha and she says he can’t become action hero because he don’t have strong body to do actions. Shlok asks Dhruv to see in one box. Dhruv was about the open that box but Shraddha diverts them because that box have next clue. Shraddha takes the clue with her and Dhruv notices that and follows her. And finally he takes the clue from her by twisting her hand.

Shlok and Dhruv finds the ring box. Dhruv opens the box, but the box is empty. Dadi shocks seeing the empty box. Namrata says because of their game someone stoled the ring. Shraddha says the ring is costly one so have to check everyone. Rekha says it’s insult for guests. Shlok’s father says checking is necessary. Prabhas gives Namrata bag to Dadi to check.

Namrata says after checking everyone too they didn’t got the ring. Dadi says still they didn’t check Rekha’s bag. All shocks hearing her. Dadaji scolds Dadi and apologize to Shlok’s father. Shlok’s father says there is nothing wrong in checking and Dhruv checks Rekha’s bag, he gets one ring from her bag. Dadi gets happy seeing the ring at the same time Rekha shocks seeing the ring.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha praises Anjali’s look of her pre wedding photoshoot. Dadi asks Rekha why Anjali wearing this dress because Anjali seems uncomfortable in that dress. Rekha says Anjali is her daughter in law so she will live in her way. Dadi says Anjali is still her grand daughter and takes her with her.