Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 14th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok , Anjali exchange rings

Episode begins with Dadi says she only told Shraddha to hide the ring in Rekha’s bag for fun. Dadi and Shraddha apologize to Rekha. Rekha doesn’t says anything but feels insulted. Shlok and Anjali exchange the rings and they takes blessings from everyone. Dhruv notices the injury in Shraddha’s hand which she got because of him and follows her and apologize to her. She laughs at him saying more than him she acts well because till now she acted like she was angry on him and goes from there. Anjali recalls her engagement. On the other side Shlok too recalls his engagement. Prabhas recalls how Dadaji diverted the topic when he asked about Anjali’s mother side relations and thinks Dadaji hiding something. Rekha recalls her insult.

Dadi thanks god because engagement happened successfully. She says she deliberately put the ring in Rekha’s bag to check her tolerance and forgiveness because in future Anjali may do mistakes in her house. Dadi says Shraddha tortured Dhruv so much in engagement. Vikas says Shraddha become so naughty. Shraddha asks is she really tortured him so much? And thinks she should apologize to him or not. Dhruv is so much angry and recalls Shraddha’s behavior towards him and decides to teach her lesson in next ceremony.

Dadi praises Shlok’s nature and says his father too enjoyed lot in engagement. Vikas says everyone is so good in Shlok family. Dadi warns Shraddha to be aware because next function will happen in groom place so they will take their revenge and laughs. Shraddha says she will handle them.

Dadaji asks breakfast. Anjali comes there with breakfast. Dadi gets emotional seeing the wedding card. Dadaji says after Anjali’s bidaai Dadi have to do all household works that’s why she is crying. Everyone laughs at his joke. Dadaji says he will escaped from Anjali’s tantrums for that Anjali says he can’t get rid of her and gives the wedding card to him. Seeing the card he recalls that unknown person’s warning.

Rekha decides one grand wedding card. Namrata praises Rekha’s choice. Shlok’s father says Shlok is so simple but card looks so grand. Rekha asks him to promise that no one will change her decision in Shlok’s marriage. And he promises too happily.

Dadaji asks Vikas to change the address and surname in wedding card. He says if Vikas didn’t change the things he mentioned then he won’t attend the wedding. Everyone shocks hearing him. Anjali asks Dadi to listen Dadaji’s wish. Dadi too agrees. Dadaji thinks it’s necessary for Anjali’s safety.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha praises Anjali’s look of her pre wedding photoshoot. Dadi asks Rekha why Anjali wearing this dress because Anjali seems uncomfortable in that dress. Rekha says Anjali is her daughter in law so she will live in her way. Dadi says Anjali is still her grand daughter and takes her with her.