Dadi Amma… Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 14th March 2020 Written Update: Shlok, Anjali’s first holi

Episode begins with pradhan’s misses Anjali. Dadaji says today Anjali left , after finishing the exams next month Shraddha too will leave them. Shraddha tries to cheer their mood and asks Dadi that what all preparations she have to do for holi? Dadaji says Anjali never asked anything, instead she herself used to prepare everything. Dadi teasingly says Shraddha gonna prepare Dhruv’sfavorite food.

Shraddha says she is not gonna prepare anyone’s favorite food. Dadaji says Shraddha can prepare whatever she wants to because Dhruv will love them for surely. Shraddha says she have lot of work to do tomorrow and Anjali is also not with her to help her and goes from there. She gets call from Anjali, Anjali asks why Shraddha hided from her that she loves Dhruv? Anjali advices Shraddha to sleep with Dadi today if she felt low then.

Shraddha says she is alright and she don’t love Dhruv and asks Anjali to concentrate on her new life with Shlok which is starting from today. Anjali thinks Shraddha can never hide anything from her and Shraddha definitely loves Dhruv. She thinks how she can be happy when Shraddha is in pain.

Shlok thanks Anjali for completing him. He says tomorrow he may not get any chance to put colour on her and puts colour on her. She too colour him by rubbing her cheek on his cheek. Shraddha dreams about playing holi with Dhruv and cries realizing it was just her dream.

Anjali sees her family photo and says Rekha cares about her so much and putting so much efforts too and also proved that she wants to be her mother not mother in law. Rekha thinks the love Anjali getting from her is just a trailer, tomorrow surprise waiting for Anjali. Anjali recalls Dhruv and Shraddha. She says she feels like she is not completely here. Shlok says he will take her to pradhan’s house daily and asks why her eyes are not shining like it always used to shine? She lies to him that she is tired. Shlok picks her to helps her.

Dadi sees the crying Shraddha and thinks she can understand her pain, Shraddha loves Dhruv that’s not wrong, Dhruv doesn’t knows about it that’s also not wrong, only the situation is wrong here. She promises to herself that she will make right everything. Rekha thinks she will break Shraddha’s heart using Dhruv and Dadi can’t do anything. Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi enters with few people to jhawar’s house and says she came to celebrate Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage. Rekha says she didn’t thought Dadi and Shraddha will stoop this low to trap Dhruv. She says Dadi entered her house so she too will enter pradhan’s house to give reply but in her way. Few people attacks pradhan’s , Shraddha cries seeing their state.