Dadi Amma… Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 16th March 2020 Written Update: Rekha surprises Anjali with her gift

Episode begins with Pradhan’s starts the holi preparations. Dadaji ask Dadi when Anjali will reach? Dadi says she will reach on time so he need not worry. Anjali was getting ready and Shlok puts sindoor on her forehead saying it’s his rights to do. Dadaji tastes the sweet prepared by Shraddha and praises it saying she did well because of Dhruv’s love. He asks her about Dhruv’s favorite colour? Dadi teasingly says Dhruv’s favorite colour is pink that’s why today Shraddha wearing pink colour dress.

Dhruv teases Shlok and says how can Shlok play holi with Anjali without him. Dhruv was about to put colour on Anjali but she stops him saying always her Dadaji puts colour on her first so he can colour her second instead of Shraddha. Sunderlal was looking after the gifts Anjali have to give to pradhan’s. Shlok takes blessings from Sunderlal.

Anjali too does same and takes blessings from Rekha too. Dhruv says Anjali already starts to follow jhawar’s traditions. Sunderlal asks them to leave for pradhan’s but Rekha stops them saying still she didn’t gave the gift to Anjali and takes them somewhere to give surprise to Anjali. Rekha thinks from here Shraddha’s separation starts with Anjali and Dhruv. Dadaji says he won’t eat anything until Anjali comes and hides behind door to surprise her, Vikas too joins him.

Rekha brings Anjali to their office and gives ceo position to her saying it’s her gift. They cut the cake to celebrate and journalists tries to ask questions to Anjali. Shraddha says it’s already late so she will call Anjali , but Dadi stops her saying it’s Anjali’s first holi in her mother in law so they should not disturb her by calling her. Rekha gives her car key to Shlok to reach pradhan’s and smirks seeing Prabhas. Prabhas stops Anjali and says it’s her first holi and she is now ceo too so employees wants to congratulate her by putting colour on her. And everyone starts to put colour on Anjali and Shlok. Anjali shocks seeing that. Shraddha was about to call Anjali but Vikas stops her. Anjali says pradhan’s won’t celebrate holi without her. Rekha says journalists wants to click Anjali’s pictures and they can’t deny them too.

Dhruv calls Shraddha and informs about Anjali’s situation and asks her to inform that to Dadi and Dadaji. Shraddha says everyone waiting for Anjali and Dadaji still didn’t eat anything too. Shraddha tells her family that Anjali celebrating holi in Shlok’s office so she can’t come. Dadaji gets angry hearing that. Dadi takes the mobile from her and asks Dhruv to reach pradhan’s house because it’s his and Shraddha’s first holi too. But before Dhruv hears anything Rekha takes mobile from him and hears everything which Dadi told, Rekha says what Dhruv will do there and mockingly says he can’t celebrate fake holi too now and cuts the call saying there is some network problem.

Episode ends.