Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 17th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok helps Anjali

Episode begins with Rekha shows the wedding card to Dhruv and Shlok which she selected and asks Dhruv to write the names on card and yells at him because he wrote Anjali name first then Shlok later corrects the mistake. Dhruv gets idea to teach Shraddha a lesson. He reaches Anjali’s house and follows Shraddha seeing her going somewhere with wedding card. Shraddha reaches the card shop and and says him to do the changes which her Dadaji wanted to do in the card and goes from there. Then Dhruv goes to the same shop and says he is coming from Anjali’s house and tells him to do few more changes in card. He imagines Dadi slapping Shraddha seeing wedding card. Rekha praises Shlok seeing him in pre wedding photoshoot look. Namrata talks about the differences between engagement and mehandi ceremony and talks low about engagement decorations.


Rekha calls Anjali and says her to reach the venue on time and asks did she liked her look for pre wedding photoshoot? Anjali says the dress is beautiful everyone liked it including her and thanks Rekha for the dresses she sent for Shraddha and Dadi. Rekha says she sent those dresses according to mehandi theme. Anjali says she and Shraddha will reach shoot venue and Dadi will reach for mehandi.


Anjali and Shraddha reaches the pre wedding photoshoot venue. Shlok gets mesmerized seeing Anjali. Anjali takes blessings from Rekha and Rekha praises Anjali’s hairstyle and says it will suit with her look. Dhruv says he will hire Anjali as his stylist once he becomes super star. Rekha asks Anjali to change in changing room and asks Dhruv to attend Shraddha. Later Anjali calls Shraddha and asks her to reach the changing room. Shraddha reaches there and Anjali shows her the backless gown and says she is not comfortable with it and moreover Dadi too won’t like it. She says in the picture it was just front side and she is in dilemma because she can’t change the dress too now it may hurt Rekha’s feelings. Shraddha suggests her to change the hairstyle before they does anything Rekha comes there and takes Anjali with her for shoot.


Rekha tells to photographer that the pictures should be perfect and asks him click side profile. Photographer asks Anjali to turn and Shraddha sadly sees her. Shlok notices that and gets to know Anjali is uncomfortable with her dress. Anjali hesitates to turn, seeing that Namrata says Anjali is shy or what that she is not turning. Rekha says Anjali is fashion stylist but today she looks like heroine and says Anjali have to live in Rekha’s way only after marriage. Anjali turns and cries before photographer clicks any picture Shlok stops him and says no need of side profile when front profile looks beautiful. Anjali gets impressed with his gesture and keeps staring him smilingly, he too smiles at her. Shraddha too smiles hearing Shlok. The photographer clicks their front profile. Dadi gets to know about the mistake which happened in card.


Episode ends.


Precap – Dadi asks Rekha why Anjali wearing this dress because Anjali seems uncomfortable in that dress. Rekha says Anjali is her daughter in law so she will live in her way. Dadi says Anjali is still her grand daughter and takes her with her.