Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 18th February 2020 Written Update: Dhruv apologize to Dadi

Episode begins with Dadi reaches pre wedding photoshoot venue and Rekha welcomes her. Shlok takes blessing from Dadi and Anjali shocks seeing Dadi there. Rekha asks Anjali and Shlok to continue the photoshoot because they have to start mehandi function too after that. Dadi sees Anjali’s backless gown and shocks. Shlok gives his jacket to Anjali. Dadi asks Rekha why she gave backless dress when Anjali is uncomfortable. Rekha says she already sent the picture to Anjali.

Dadi says there was no picture of backside. Rekha says she doesn’t have any problem with her daughter in law wearing backless gown. Dadi says still Anjali is her grand daughter not Rekha’s daughter in law and Anjali will wear the dress only if she is comfortable and shows their wedding card to her. Rekha sees the card and it’s written Shlok weds Anjali. She says it’s Dadi side card then it’s their mistake and asks why Dadi showing this to her?

Dhruv says it’s mistake of the one who gave the card to print. Dadi says Shraddha gave the to print but the printer told her after Shraddha someone else went to him and made these changes. Dhruv hides behind Shlok hearing her. Dadi yells at Rekha for doing this and says one marriage can’t start with lie so this marriage can’t happen now. Shlok and Dhruv shocks hearing her and Dhruv feels guilty too. Rekha asks why Dadi blaming her without any proof. Dadi shows the paper which have Rekha’s company logo and says the printer gave her this and asks Rekha to use the prepared mehandi for someone else and takes Anjali with her.


Dhruv runs behind them to stop them and kneels down in front of Dadi and accepts his mistake and says to took revenge from Shraddha he did this and asks her to forgive him. Rekha tries to defend Dhruv saying it’s just a fun task like Dadi did in engagement. Dhruv says he did mistake so Rekha need not to defend him. Dhruv says he thought Dadi will scold Shraddha and didn’t thought it will hurt Dadi’s feelings and it will become serious issue and apologize to Anjali too. He tells Anjali that Shlok loves her lot if she tells then everyone will forgive him. Anjali sees Shlok and Dadi and forgives Dhruv. Dhruv gives sunglasses to Dadi and takes blessing from her. Dadi too smiles seeing him. Dhruv takes Anjali to mehandi place.


Shlok’s father sees everything and goes to Rekha and says she only have to put mehandi first on Anjali. Rekha applies mehandi and the ritual begins. Anjali and Shlok smiles seeing each other.


Namrata says Shlok asked them to show all the dresses to Anjali which they finalized for haldi, sangeet and marriage. And Anjali will wear those dresses only if she is comfortable. Rekha gets angry and packs all the dresses she selected for Anjali and asks Namrata to show it to Anjali. She says everything happening because of Dadi and once marriage happens Dadi can’t do anything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Everyone dances and enjoys in sangeet function.